Dioxycle is working on hot science for a cooler world! Dioxycle is pioneering breakthrough carbon utilization technologies that convert industrial emissions into sustainable chemicals with unprecedented energy and cost efficiency. By displacing fossil fuels for the production of key chemicals, Dioxycle has the potential to ultimately reduce over 800 million tons of CO2 per year, representing over 2% of the world's emissions.

Our team is innovating across chemical, mechanical and system engineering to turn carbon transformation into an economically feasible, industrial reality by developing a completely novel technological approach. Having completed our medium-scale Proof-of-Concept electrolyzer, we are now working towards a first-of-its-kind large-scale industrial prototype and are assembling key partnerships for future commercial roll-out.

We are supported by world-class funders including Lowercarbon Capital, Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Gigascale Capital and have raised $26M to date. We operate from two R&D centers in Europe and California.

Joining us now is an opportunity to play a fundamental role in the scale up of our transformative technology by working closely with our international founding team. If you are motivated by solving hard problems, meaningfully addressing climate change, and want to join the fastest growing industry of our generation, then working at Dioxycle may be the right place for you!

What they are looking for

Business: Dioxycle is looking for forward-looking business profiles to invent tomorrow's carbon capture and utilization business model and best incentivize the world to get their sh** together and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Tech: They are also (and always) looking for bold/creative scientists/engineers (in chemistry, mechanics and software/physics modelling) to join the different teams working on each block of their technology.

Industrialization: As the scale is getting serious, they are also looking for industrial experts to contribute to the scaling and integration of their technology fast as possible!

Good to know

At Dioxycle, we love builders and passionate people!

Dioxycle's technology has been awarded National i-Lab innovation prize in 2020 and international Breakthrough Energy Fellows grant in 2021.

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