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Wezen is a tech startup, and the software business unit of Datawords Group.

Created in 2017, we are now a team of 20 wezers in two offices: Paris and Manila.

At Wezen, we are reinventing the way semantic content is produced to make it simpler. That's why we are building a SaaS platform where content owners, copywriters and translators collaborate in an innovative way to produce high quality content. We enable them to fully focus on what they do best: write, translate, review, validate, publish and monitor content. Our key innovations (such as Semantic Distance Mapping) allow hidden content structures and correlations to be revealed.

Wezen has recently hit a milestone by closing major clients (luxury sector, CAC40) who purchased our Enterprise licenses.

That milestone has fueled our ambition to become a European leader in content management software. Building the best product is only possible thanks to the commitment and creativity of our team: we are structured in Feature Teams and Guilds. Autonomy and harmony is our motto.

What they are looking for

You want to be part of a team whose challenge is to build an awesome product.

For you, being in a tech company is the only alternative.

For you, the Millennium Falcon is not a bird species.

Good to know

Bonus points to join the Wezen Team:

  • Special powers during afterworks
  • Power nap hero
  • Drone pilot

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