Darewise Entertainment

Darewise Entertainment

First investment banker, Benjamin was soon overtaken by his passion for video games.

He joined Ubisoft and cut his teeth as a Live Content Producer and Director on Assassin’s Creed before creating Darewise Entertainment.

Whitney joined Darewise during her last year at ENJMIN (École nationale du jeu et des médias interactifs numériques) with the thirst of learning more about network programming and to share her passion for competitive online games. She has been working on various game projects, both professional and personal. She started in the industry at InnerspaceVR at the dawn of virtual reality, where her Gameplay Programmer journey began.

Having lived in 3 different countries working on critically acclaimed titles such as The Division and Ghost Recon, Samuel returned to his native country of France to become the Technical Director of Darewise. Utilising his past experiences as team leader on game engines like CryEngine and SnowDrop, he is leading the team as they revolutionize the gaming industry.

When he’s not fixing bugs or programming code, Samuel enjoys cycling and drinking whiskey sours (although not at the same time).


While some still look to the stars, social networks and video games have given us a chance to look to the digital realm, a third place. These frontiers, thus far, have been fun - a form of entertainment.

Darewise is a team of force multiplier game developers, united to prove we can go beyond entertainment by experiencing rich, creative and connected open world, multiplayer video games.

They’re ready to prove that these worlds can exist as a cooperative venture between company and community.

They are building proprietary technology that serves as the foundation for these open world experiences, pushing beyond the existing social networks and online games to connect people in new, meaningful ways. They share this desire with gamers around the world who are eager to participate in building these worlds both as a technological achievement and as active participants in the game itself.

If you dream of pushing the boundaries of what a game can be, join their international team and start disrupting it all to offer unprecedented gaming experiences.

What they are looking for

Darewise Entertainment is looking for passionate, creative individuals who are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of online gaming. The Darewise Difference combines talent with heart, in order to form an extraordinary team.

The ideal team member is enthusiastic, self-motivated, and bold, while also comfortable working in an English-speaking office environment.

The open positions at Darewise are a good fit for people who enjoy innovating with partners all over the world, and are looking for their next adventure in Paris.

Good to know

As a company and team, we strongly believe in the “work hard, play hard” mentality. When we’re not busy creating world-class video games, the Darewise Team enjoys game nights, birthday celebrations, beer gatherings, paintball domination, picnics, and spontaneous office NERF battles.

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