Darewise Entertainment

Darewise Entertainment

Senior Narrative Designer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-19e-Arrondissement

The company

Darewise Entertainment

Darewise Entertainment

  • Video Games
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Senior Narrative Designer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-19e-Arrondissement


Darewise Entertainment is a VC-backed AAA games studio with one goal: to revolutionize online games.

Based in Paris and led by the creative vision of Viktor Antonov (Valve, Bethesda), David Bowman (Bungie, Telltale, Crytek) and Benjamin Charbit (Ubisoft), we combine international experience and disruptive creativity to deliver the games of tomorrow. Using Unreal Engine 4 and Improbable’s SpatialOS we focus on building gigantic open worlds, where players write their own stories and take fate into their own hands. We create the impossible.

If you dream of pushing the boundaries of online games, then join our international team !

Darewise Entertainment
Darewise Entertainment
Darewise Entertainment
Darewise Entertainment
Darewise Entertainment

Job description

As a Darewise Senior Narrative Designer, you will be the primary content creator and vision holder fleshing out a new, unique IP: an exotic alien world rich with interest, intrigue, history, characters, races, creatures, cultures, adventures, and current events. This IP will take shape in various formats: a video game, a series of comic books, and more.


  • Provide creative leadership and be the primary content creator for an IP development process involving creating new worlds, characters, stories, and fiction.
  • Regularly communicate with Game Designers to create and support an immersive game experience.
  • Provide excellent documentation which both explains the details of this world and also exciting, evocative high level pitches to generate interest.
  • Perform hands-on content creation for the video game production: character designs and dialogue, location descriptions, and similar, by communicating closely with content creators or working directly in the tools.
  • Collaborate with Production on the overall game development project, keeping it in creative alignment.


  • Competitive salary (based on experience) with stock options.
  • 7 weeks of paid holiday and flexible working hours.
  • Relocation package including EU working visa assistance if necessary.
  • Benefits package including private health insurance, pension and public transport.
  • Unlimited budget for your workspace hardware, software and tools.
  • Monthly free games to be up to date with all the latest release.
  • Fully stocked fridges.
  • Working within a small, highly motivated team who are passionate to succeed.
  • Living in Paris, one of the most iconic and exciting cities in the world.

Preferred experience

  • 4+ years as a fiction content creator, writer, and world builder in multiple media, having shipped at least 2 works.
  • Experience working on game development teams or otherwise writing for interactive and non-linear narrative.
  • Thorough and demonstrable understanding of game design grammar.
  • A vivid imagination and a willingness to go beyond the expected to discover new, relevant, evocative, and resonant stories.
  • Superb communication skills, especially verbal and written. Excellent documentation of IP, world, and fiction ideas.
  • An ability to pitch what makes a fiction great and make a team excited to develop it.
  • Excitement to collaborate with other creative individuals, fielding their input and developing it into the work.
  • Willingness to brainstorm and compromise to find an IP with cross-media potential.
  • Positive, collaborative and professional attitude while working under multiple deadlines and getting things done well and on time.
  • Bilingual or native speaker in English.
  • Based in or willing to relocate to Paris, France.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process consists of a preliminary application screening, HR Interview, Lead Interview, and Executive Interview, with on-site interview as the final step in the process. In special cases, exceptions or modifications can be made.

Note: Though our office is located in Paris, English is our official office language. As such, we request for all applications to be submitted in English; non-English applications will not be considered.

Meet the Darewise Entertainment team

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