Thibaut holds an engineering qualification from the ICAM engineering school in Nantes as well as an MBA from HEC in Paris. He is a wine enthusiast and although his earlier career was in management for leading cosmetics brands, he is a true entrepreneur at heart. And so in 2012, with his long-time friend and fellow engineer Luis, he founded D-Vine. Spurred on by the ambition of creating a business with tremendous international market potential, it was by working in the evenings and at weekends that the first D-Vine prototypes emerged from their garages. Today Thibaut and Luis manage D-Vine together. More specifically Thibaut manages the sales, finance and communications side of the business, while Luis is in charge of the product, technical, R&D and logistics side. Both Thibaut and Luis are huge fans of heavy metal and were lucky to grow up in Nantes near Clisson where the sound of electric guitars blasts out every year during Hellfest. For Luis and Thibaut, getting together in a rehearsal room with a few friends and a good glass of wine is one of their favourite ways to relax after an intense and exciting day at D-Vine.

After a degree in chemistry in Paris, Béatrice moved to Toulouse before it dawned on her that she was “meant” to work in wine. She thus completed the national diploma of oenology and went on to do many different roles in the wine business. After initially managing a wine shop, she very soon left for England where she spent five years as a buyer and sales rep for prestigious names in the Horeca trade. On returning to France, she started a wine school and ten years later even took on the extraordinary challenge of starting her own restaurant where food and wine pairing was of course the focus. It was at this time that she met Thibaut and Luis. After helping them to fine-tune the D-Vine through many tastings, she eventually became a partner in the business and, in early 2019, a full-time member of D-Vine’s staff after ten years running her restaurant. Her next challenge is connected with her passion for Japan – she plans to continue learning Japanese and studying sake, and will perhaps one day be part of D-Vine’s development in Asia.

Farah was initially studying law, but following the birth of her son, made a complete u-turn to work in sales. It was a revelation for the 22-year old - who is a representative for women on the management team - and the proof that it is entirely possible to combine being a devoted mother with one’s career ambitions. For Farah, being ambitious doesn’t necessarily mean stepping on others to succeed; she believes it is about giving oneself the means to be happy and fulfilled in every aspect of one’s life. For her, getting up in the morning and coming to work as manager at D-Vine where she can pass on her experience, is a driving force. Some of the sales team have even nicknamed her “Mum” for her kind attitude and advice. As a wine enthusiast, she couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to work than D-Vine. She is also extremely proud of her home region of Lille, to which she returns at every opportunity to meet up with friends over a glass of wine, and is a faithful supporter at her son’s Sunday morning football games.

Téva has had quite an unusual career path as he started out as an automotive mechanic then worked for a car manufacturer in the Paris region, first as an R&D technician and after as an engineer. He left the Paris area in 2017 for Nantes where he studied for a while at the Ecole Centrale engineering school, before joining D-Vine in 2020. Today, he is in charge of new product research and development. The size of the company means that roles and responsibilities evolve quickly and Téva also lends a hand with managing production and after-sales service in busy periods. During his free time, he enjoys sport and taking advantage of Nantes’ cultural scene by going to concerts and the cinema.

Julien has been mad about all things digital since a very young age and once qualified as an engineer, he left his native region of Normandy to work for an IT service provider in Nantes. With a constant desire to explore, learn and understand new things, he worked on numerous jobs that were each very different in human and technical terms. Since settling at D-Vine in 2015, he has put his curiosity and expertise to use in the IT development projects of D-Vine’s development team. When he’s not exploring the region’s trails on his bike, he likes to put his creativity to use by working with wood and metal or behind the cymbals in his punk group.

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“Great wines can take two years to make and it only takes a few seconds to get the wrong impression of them.”

This was the problem that led three engineers to create the French company D-Vine in 2012. Following more than four years of R&D, they launched the D-Vine, a French-made device that enables you to enjoy premium by-the-glass wines with the optimum tasting conditions. The D-Vine Pro is in use in 700 hotels and restaurants where high standards of quality and providing an impeccable customer experience are a priority.

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When you join D-Vine, you become part of a fast-growing SME which has retained its start-up spirit. D-Vine is a company with many fascinating challenges, such as manufacturing the machine, selecting and producing wine flacons, supply chain management, on-trade sales and advice and more. Every member of staff contributes their ideas and works as a team. Everything and everyone in the company is driven by the mission of “Innovating with passion to provide the most enjoyable and user-friendly wine experience.”

Good to know

People at D-Vine have the opportunity to work with a product that is a true symbol of enjoyment and sharing - wine! When you are part of the company, you therefore have plenty of fun moments to enjoy, such as monthly team meetings, seminars over several days in January and July, a day of grape picking in September, visits to partner wine producers and more.

To ensure that every team member is comfortable with the product, all new staff – no matter what their wine knowledge to begin with – receive between one and three days of wine tasting training with D-Vine’s chief wine adviser Béatrice. With exercises like tasting a dozen cheese and wine pairings to identify which work best, it quite possibly might be one of the most interesting training courses you’ll ever enjoy in your career! Each month, tastings of new wines or training sessions on a specific wine region are organised remotely or at the office, so that all D-Vine staff are perfectly familiar with the wine selection and able to talk about the wines with ease.

If the idea of working for a people-centred company with real moments of conviviality tickles your curiosity and if sharing the thrills of a fast-growing company with incredible potential and promoting and preserving authentic wine regions sound exciting to you, D-Vine would love to hear from you and help you to develop professionally as part of its team.

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