D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

  • Digital Marketing / Data Marketing, SaaS / Cloud Services, Tourism
  • Paris, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Corroios, Londres, Nantes, Prague, Singapour, Venise
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4 common values animate D-EDGERS:

4 common values animate D-EDGERS:

  • Adaptability (We Embrace Change),

  • Team spirit (We Are One Team),

  • Customer Satisfaction (We Go the Extra Mile),

  • Transparent communication (We Dare to Share)

What D-EDGE brings to you


At D-EDGE, we are particularly demanding about the selection criteria for our future talent.

So, in return, we go all out in terms of benefits!


Some examples of what you're offered when you are part of the team:

  • Unlimited access to Qare: Video consultation service with health professionals 100% free, including services not reimbursed by social security (dieticians, psychologists..)

  • Accor Employee Rates: By entering D-EDGE you have access to the ALL HEARTIST Program which offers employee rates on all Accor hotels in the world and many other lifestyle benefits.

  • Sports coach: 3 times a week on Zoom you can sweat and work your muscles with coach Gianni

  • Incentives, profit-sharing, savings program

  • Swile paperless restaurant tickets: The restaurant ticket card that goes anywhere

  • Access to all WoJo co-working spaces



If you join us tomorrow, it's because you already have plenty of skills!

But the key to success is to keep moving forward. That's why we offer free and unlimited access to the Udemy e-learning platform to improve your skills or develop new ones.

From technology to cooking to personal development, there's plenty of opportunities for fun!

And because we don't do things halfway, we have also created our own internal e-learning platform, the D-ACADEMY, so that all D-EDGERS can learn about our products and new features.

Of the meaning

Certainly, at D-EDGE, we work hard.

But more than that, we each have a heart and we like to give meaning to our mission.

Of the meaning

So here are some of the initiatives we have put in place to share and move forward together :

  • Meetups: 1X per month you can present or participate in the D-EDGE Tech Meetup

  • Internal Hackatons: 2X per year participate in internal Hackathons and reinvent the world.

  • Solidarity Days: 1 day per month to volunteer or help with a project of your choice: volunteer with an association, share your skills through tutoring, and more...

  • Initiatives welcome: Do you have other ideas? Propose them and put them in action. For example, do you think we should allow a carbon offset through booking a room?... oh no, another D-EDGER has already had this idea!

Super integration

Super integration

Because first impressions count, we give you a helping hand from day one.

At D-EDGE we give, and we know how to receive ;)

  • D-Buddy: When you arrive at D-EDGE, we pair you with a teammate to help you integrate.

  • Integration Week: In person or remotely, you will have a personalised welcome

  • D-Coffee Roulette: Informal meetings between colleagues from around the world. Take a chance to meet someone new!

  • Internal Events: Among these, the annual convention is THE meeting that D-EDGERS look forward to most.


Have you ever booked a hotel online? Then you've probably used D-EDGE without knowing it.

Every day, we help more than 17,000 hotels worldwide to develop their online visibility and sales through a range of SaaS and digital marketing solutions.

Amongst the 500+ D-EDGERS, the Tech and Product team is made up of a hundred or so enthusiasts who are reinventing hotel booking for both the traveller and the hotelier.

As a subsidiary of the Accor group, D-EDGE simplifies the life of independent hotels and hotel chains alike.

What they are looking for

🚀 You love the travel industry and tech is your playground?

🌟 It's important for you to contribute and work in an agile structure where you can express and realize your ideas?

🌻 Do you think a day of learning and sharing knowledge is a good day?

🎉 If all this speaks to you, then you're going to love it at D-EDGE!

Good to know

🏖 Working at home or in the office? D-EDGE offers you the best of both worlds!

🎢 Meetups, hackathons, e-learning... every day is different with us

💡 1 day per month dedicated to personal projects (Non profit, tutoring...)

🍹 Rooftop & full fridge: we are always ready for a drink with colleagues

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