Criteo is a global technology company that powers the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising through their world-leading Commerce Media Platform, a suite of products that activates the world’s largest set of commerce data to drive better commerce outcomes. They help thousands of brands, publishers, and retailers reach and monetize audiences and are committed to supporting a fair and open internet that enables discovery, innovation, and choice.

Criteo is headquartered in Paris, France, and has offices around the world where their incredible team collaborates to create an open and inclusive environment. They stick together, accomplish together, celebrate together—and they do the right thing to create a sustainable impact for their customers, their industry, and the people they serve.

What they are looking for

OPEN: We believe open minds are great minds. We promote diversity in our thinking and in our culture. TOGETHER: We build together, accomplish together, celebrate together. We care for each other. IMPACTFUL​​​: We do the right thing to create a sustainable impact for our clients, our market and the people that we serve.

Good to know

Criteo has a unique Corporate Social Responsibility program. More than 8 Criteo Cares Communities allow Criteos to get involved in the issues they care about by meeting other like-minded colleagues with whom they can launch joint projects to raise awareness and change their company.

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