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Creative Dock

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The story of Creative Dock

In 10 years they have grown from a disruptive Czech startup into the largest independent venture builder in the world.

  • They've bought several competing companies around Europe and the MENA region, and have a 100% year-on-year growth.
  • Their track record includes 100+ successful startups, with 500+ cooperating professionals.
  • Within 5 years CD wants to create products that billion people will enjoy.

In Prague, they can be found in the architecturally unique EXPO 58 building.

The mindset & culture

They believe that there is no such thing as impossible. Creative Dock itself is a product of this mindset – a bootstrapped Czech company, co-creating the new industry of corporate venture building and becoming number one. A very unbelievable story. And yet true.

They also believe that strong personalities with entrepreneurial nature can change the world. They put outcomes before processes because creativity means freedom. So they prefer guiding meaningful principles to a rule-based framework and they adhere to three core principles:

  • exploring the unexplored or overlooked fields,
  • to create impactful product and services,
  • through unique collaboration regardless of the company hierarchy.

The main business idea is to create an unique value – to build and scale ventures which are to re-shape and increase the future assets of the client.

What they deliver?

“Big companies usually have big assets they don't use. We create new products for them by building, expanding and operating on these assets - with the aim of making them more valuable than the company's original business. Like when an e-shop starts selling free space on its servers like Amazon, even though its main business model was originally completely different. We've done it many times before. New business models for banks, insurance or companies, etc. From clean sheet of paper, to scale. We are able to do it 100% internally.” CEO Martin Pejša

Fields of experience

Creative Dock build ventures applying its own methodology (created internally at several universities around the world, including MIT). The key part is to run disruptive ideas through all phases of venture building in order to create real value (for end-users, employees, clients):

  • from design & testing,
  • to the MVP phase,
  • to scaling in many markets.

Along the way, CD projects require a lot of experts: tech people, finance experts, business analysts, marketing & creative gurus of many languages, etc. From fresh graduates to seasoned ex-CEOs from corporations or their own companies.

The best often create their own job roles with their own job descriptions. That we didn't even think to post. Experience rules. Let's change the world.

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