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Tomáš has been with CPI since 2011 and remembers it when it was still a small company. He has worked his way up from a Financial Controller, IT Project Manager, and Deputy CIO to his current position of CIO. He oversees the entire development of all company branches in all countries from an IT standpoint. Tomáš likes when he can help people and make their job easier. He tries to automate the procedures so his colleagues don’t have to enter the invoices manually, and can make use of their greatest asset – creativity. Tomáš tries to maintain a friendly and open atmosphere in the company. He doesn’t like the idea that people don’t know their boss and only communicate with their superiors via e-mail. He adheres to the open and closed-door policy. Whenever his office is open, people can approach him with any issues, or just for a chat. When it is closed, he doesn’t want to be disturbed. As a superior, he likes to leave the responsibility to others. It doesn’t matter when and where they finish their tasks as long as it is done on time. He mostly relaxes at home with his family. He has three kids, and when he has time, Tomáš spends it mostly with them. He has a family house, so he likes to fire up the grill while his children play in the pool. He also has dinner with his colleagues sometimes. Everyone knows each other pretty well. That is one thing he truly appreciates.

Pavel started in CPI fifteen years ago as a Financial Analyst. Soon, he discovered an opportunity in project management and later in creating and managing teams. He founded the Development Department and managed the first CPI’s projects. Later, he also worked in investment, which was an interesting and valuable experience for him. For the last six years, he has been working as the Asset Management Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Pavel is there for his colleagues. He sees his main contribution in creating the conditions which allow his colleagues to achieve peak performance. He believes that it is the leader’s task to care for the team and push it ever forward. His role includes taking care of strategy, setting priorities, and looking for new opportunities. His aim is to always keep the team members comfortable, so they enjoy what they do. In his free time, Pavel mainly does sports. Pavel grew up a sportsman, and he still is one. He cycles, swims and enjoys hiking in the mountains. He prefers endurance sports over the dynamic ones. However, he occasionally still plays football or tennis. He and his wife have three kids, and they all spend their time actively, mostly going on various interesting trips. He also likes to constantly educate himself in the area of personal development. Pavel reads various books on this topic and meets with interesting people.

She was born in Florida, but she has been living in the Czech Republic for ten years. CPI used to work only with external graphic designers. Caycee is the company’s first in-house graphic designer. It was an ideal choice for both parties since the CFO with whom she often closely cooperates is an American as well. She creates all graphic designs for the management and anything else that needs doing at the moment. She was happy when she found out from the annual report that her work helped in the acquisition of an important investment. Since childhood, she wanted to live in Europe, and when she finished university, she decided to start a career here. The Czech Republic was not a random choice because she had friends here. At the university in the US, she played volleyball, and half the team were foreigners. Out of all nationalities, only the Czechs went back home. So she thought that the Czech Republic must be better than the US, went to see it for herself and fell in love with Prague immediately. She likes the lifestyle. Caycee doesn’t have any Czech ancestors, but she still feels a little like a Czech. She does sports since childhood and spends most of her free time actively. She uses the Multisport card a lot. Caycee thinks it’s the greatest benefit. As far as she knows, there is nothing similar in the US. Stand-up comedy is also one of her hobbies. And Caycee likes to explore secret and hidden places. There is quite a bit of those in Prague.

Jiří has been in the company for 12 years, and he is currently working as a Project Manager in the Development Department. He started as an Assistant and moved up to a Junior Project Manager. At first, he helped out with smaller projects, i.e. various repairs and improvements of the existing buildings or construction of office fit-outs. In time, his responsibilities grew, and he got to his current position as a Project Manager in the hotel and office segment. Lately, he was mainly responsible for the construction of the new Mayhouse office building in Prague 4, or the renovation of the current office building in Prague 2 as the Mamaison Residence Downtown Prague hotel. Jiří likes that he can participate in the functioning and shaping of various city quarters all over the Czech Republic. He is always glad when people know the buildings, and he can have a more in-depth discussion with them. The company works on some truly interesting projects, and the costs of a single building amount to tens or even hundreds of millions of Czech crowns. They even have contracts exceeding a billion crowns, which are crucial for various locations in the Czech Republic in terms of importance and architecture. Apart from the company-wide events, Jiří takes business trips outside Prague as a part of the work in his department. Recently, he was in Český Krumlov, where one of his colleagues is preparing a reconstruction of a building into a hotel. In addition to a trip to a beautiful town, they visited one of the projects and combined work with pleasure. Jiří spends most of his free time with his little daughter or doing sports.

Nikol started as an Assistant in CPI, and soon she made it to the Financial Controller position. That means she makes financial plans for the companies in the retail and logistic center segment. She is responsible for the budgets and participates in their evaluation. Nikol makes sure that there is always enough funds for day-to-day operations. She also helps out with accounting and prepares annual reports. Work in real estate was new to her since she studied economics, but she learned all the important things in CPI. Nikol enjoys watching the projects grow step-by-step. She is one of the first to know where the new buildings will stand and how will they look like. This is also the case of the restaurants near her place, where she has been going since she was a child. No one knew what was going on, but she had already seen the plans. She also likes CPI because she can influence the internal processes. When someone comes up with a smart idea, it’s no trouble to put it into practice. CPI also organizes out-of-work events. The employees have participated in running competitions or teambuilding away from Prague. For example, there was an event in Špindlerův Mlýn, where the employees had the opportunity to visit a rope course or a bobsleigh track. This allows people from various departments to meet and share their plans. Nikol likes to travel, and with her colleague she visited, for example, Malaysia. She does a lot of sports and reads.

Since the university, Honza has been interested in the development and investment projects. He studied civil engineering and real estate engineering. Through articles on various acquisitions and real estate investments, he got to the CPI website, where he discovered a graduate job offer and responded to it. Sometime later, in early 2017, he joined the company as an Assistant Project Manager but moved to the position of Junior Project Manager soon after. In the CPI Group, Honza works in the Development Department. He mainly helps to manage and coordinate the Nová Zbrojovka development project. Therefore, he currently works in Brno, where he manages the complete reconstruction and renovation of a currently unused brownfield, largely with the investments to office, production, retail, or residential projects and buildings that should make up an entire new city district in the future. Honza is active in his free time. He loves mountains, especially the Alps. He skis in winter and hikes in summer. Honza plays tennis, badminton and can play virtually any ball sport for fun. He also likes to spend his free time with his girlfriend, family, and friends, and he is interested in politics and public affairs.

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Expanding throughout Europe

In the 1990s, CPI started as a local Czech company on the real estate market. Now, CPI Property Group has become one of the most prominent actors in real estate investments in Europe. It operates in 12 European countries, and the largest part of its portfolio is located in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia. The Group owns hundreds of companies, and its assets amount to CZK 242 billion. It primarily deals in retail, office spaces, hotels, and rental housing. Simply put, they usually purchase and renovate a building, which they subsequently manage and rent. They wish to operate fully rented buildings with satisfied tenants, which raises the market value of the real estate and maximizes the rental income.

Take Your Pick

The Prague office has 300 employees, but they still treat each other as a family, which is uncharacteristic for a corporation. The CPI Property Group has an open community of people who can efficiently communicate with one another and make quick decisions. It is not a corporation with complex approval or reporting processes. CPI is full of independent individuals who can think for themselves, like to work, and are in some way attracted to real estate. They offer a wide selection of professions. The company employs people from finance, development, project management, property management, asset management, IT, and lawyers. You can choose from a wide variety of options.

Take a Look Around

Since the Group deals with real estate in all possible ways, one can learn anything here – from purchases to management and development. Their buildings include Quadrio, the company headquarters, Olympia in Pilsen and Mladá Boleslav, City Park in Jihlava, etc. The company owns the largest regional centers, 15 department stores in total. CPI also owns the buildings of the headquarters of Nestlé or Česká pojišťovna and the largest hotel group in the Czech Republic, CPI Hotels. This allows them to offer their employees bargain accommodation within the hotel capacities.

Life is Change

In CPI, something constantly changes and moves forward. This can be easily utilized for the career growth of the employees. Every employee grows with the company since the entire CPI continues to evolve. It offers a wide range of jobs. That’s why the employees believe that nearly anyone can find work at the company, and, if necessary, they will help the newcomers find work that suits them the best. If someone decides that they are better suited for another work within the company, it is no big deal. It always depends on communication and willingness to help. That’s the most important thing in relation to the employees.

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