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When he was a child, Victor had a deep desire to "create" something. Great, yes, but he didn't know (yet) what to create. It was while learning business strategy (and how to make good presentation slides) at McKinsey that Victor got his start. He realized that his goal was clear: he wanted to create a company that would (really) shake up the market, and before he was 30 years old. Victor then met Nicholas and Maxime, with whom he decided to found Comet in 2016. The goal: reinvent the business meeting, helping us all to meet less, but better! A fan of backpacking and photography trips, Victor also escapes Paris by boxing: the best way to get away from it all (to avoid getting punched!), and to deserve a good glass of Burgundy afterwards!

Born and raised in Alaska, Maria is an adventuress in the soul and its professional experiences are the faithful reflection. After obtaining a American Bachelor's degree in Mathematics of the University of in Alaska, Maria decided to leave the North American cold weather for teach English in France for one year. Quickly fell in love of this country to the good gastronomy and the good wine, she decides to change her course and obtains a second Bachelor and MBA in International Hospitality Management in Paris.

Born in the suburbs of Paris, Tom quickly developed a passion for event technology and started organizing concerts and festivals in high school. In 2015, he decided to become a technician for vacation clubs and to pursue a career in this field. Thanks to his experience acquired during these years, he discovered Comet in 2019 and helped in the opening of the Comet Etoile location. A little more than a year later, he became the technical manager of the new Comet Bourse location, which opened in September of 2020.

A tireless HR expert whose 12 years of experience have not diminished her conviction that the People of an organization are the true value of a company. Julie is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Comet Meetings. She monitors the conditions that will allow everyone to flourish at work and to perform in the service of the organization. Her Super Power? Her floral, orange electric bike! Always within walking distance, it allows her to get from one place to another - and to all Comet locations - in no time at all. All Fantomette has to do is behave herself.

An aficionado of entrepreneurship, Elisabeth multiplied her experiences in this field throughout her student career before joining COMET for an internship in July of 2017. She holds a double diploma in business schools from both France and Canada, following a career path that she built around business development with an international focus. Based in Marseille, Quebec and Mumbai, Elisabeth has built up her commercial expertise and management of complex environments. Today, in charge of the Conversion team, Elisabeth is committed to developing the talent of her team of 10 employees in order to reach our commercial objectives. These superb employees are our Meeting & Event Scientists who create unique and atypical meetings, seminars, and event experiences every day! In her personal life, Elisabeth stays away from the glitter of events (apart from good meals with friends!) and practices boxing. An escape that - contrary to what one might think - allows her to refocus and practice her concentration - a bit like yoga ;)

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Comet is a new concept of meeting spaces founded in 2016 by Victor, Maxime, and Nicholas, three entrepreneurs supported by Business Angels from French Tech start-ups. They combined their expertise in innovation and collaboration to invent the future of meetings and seminars, accessible on a grand scale. For, at Comet, they believe that meetings have become a key moment in the company to collaborate on fundamental issues, stimulate the creativity of employees, and develop cohesion.

In short, Comet offers atypical places in the heart of the Parisian business districts: Ternes, Places des Victoires, Étoile, Bourse and La Défense, and in Belgium (Bruxelles) and Spain in a few month with a great space in the city center of Madrid ! Our spaces are adapted to new ways of working, focused on productivity, creativity and well-being, to provide participants with a unique experience!

The Comet team, today composed of 85 employees, is organized around five poles:

  • Operations & Sales: Sales representatives (a.k.a. "Meeting Scientists") support customers in the organization of their meeting or seminar, in collaboration with the operational teams who ensure that the promise of the Comet experience is respected.
  • Real Estate & Development: as true project managers, they master the development of all sites and animate the brand by building Comet's image every day.
  • Digital & Finance: always on the lookout for the latest technologies, they improve back-office/front-office tools on a daily basis to satisfy both employees and customers.
  • Product & Tech : to develop a great application for our Comet Hospitality's users
  • Wellness: to ensure well-being at work, the Chief Wellness Officers pass on their relaxation and concentration tips to enable participants to make the most of their day at Comet.

What they are looking for

Comet is looking for talent and, above all, personalities ready to take on the challenges of a fast-growing company led by 3 ambitious founders.

After the opening of the first 5 Parisian locations, they are now looking for exceptional candidates to strengthen their Sales, Finance, Operations and Development teams and support Comet's expansion.

After a great fundraising of more than 30 million in september 2020, internationalization and projects are the ambitions of the moment

Good to know

To join them, you must share these key values:

  • Participate in the growth of the company and evolve with it.
  • Adhere to the feedback culture, advocate transparency, and be proactive and solution-oriented (and know how to speak English, of course!).


  • They are remote-friendly! (Excluding the operational teams)
  • A team-meeting every 2 weeks, just to connect and cheers all together ;)
  • A (mega) seminar once a year!
  • Wellness sessions to relax during the day!

The #followthecomet adventure, are you up for it? ;)

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