Company was established back in the year 2007 by 3 friends who were fascinated by the web and mobile technologies and product design. Today, Cleevio is lead by its own CEO, David Bezdeka, and is working on projects for clients and companies around the world. With his work he helps with the product itself, starting startups or understanding how to manage and deliver a large-scale solution. Cleevio‘s people come from a diverse environment, but they work like a well-coordinated team at work. During development, they use new technologies and libraries, always striving to uplevel. They work side-by-side with clients as a partner and they are their digital expert. They advise and influence the design and strategy of the project. They are looking for bold clients who are leaders in their field and have innovative, creative ideas. They are attracted to projects which utilize new technologies.

Who Are They Looking For

Are you passionate about building human-centered products? That’s a good start, because people in Cleevio are too! They really, really like techy stuff and they love to cooperate, co-exist with people who are tech-savvy, are empathetic to be able to understand the users of their solutions, and are able to take up the challenges the digital world can bring. Cleevio is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has the freedom to thrive while being taken care of. They break problems down to first principles and reason upwards. The goal is to turn 20 percent of their effort into 80 percent of the impact.

Good to know

Every morning you will find a healthy breakfast in the office and, of course, snacks all day. Coffee, chocolate, and sweets will always be available. If you prefer vegetables, wait until you see Kristyna’s or Eliška's bottomless fruit and veggie platters!

Team building at Cleevio is varied and frequent – they go in the winter to the mountains, in the summer to the wild river, and, when they need a break, to an escape room, go-karts, board games, or bowling. They also have FIFA on the XBOX, multiple large TVs and projector screens, and a surround-sound speaker system.

The last thing they build values on is education. You get a subsidy for books, conferences, and online courses. You’ll regularly receive feedback from team leads who will be your daily support.

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