Hakan is a real techie who has spent virtually all of his working life on the Web. He started in 2005 as a Web developer and rapidly went on to be a project manager. In 2009, he joined an IT services company where he worked first in remote banking and then in industry.

Eighteen months later, he went to live abroad while tele-working for a pure player selling car parts online. On returning to France, he helped a few start-ups to expand their business and then joined Chargemap as associate CTO. Here, he has the opportunity to work on a topic close to his heart where he feels he can make a difference – clean mobility.

Recently, he decided to share his passion for development by lecturing at the university.

Raphaël joined the Chargemap adventure in 2016 after completing his studies in software engineering. He is particularly concerned by environmental issues and has been a fan of Android since forever, so it was only logical that he should develop the native Chargemap app. Today, he maintains the code while adding features that are useful in the everyday life of EV drivers. He loves going into the finer details and champions clear-cut user interfaces. He works hand in hand with the PO and the designer to deliver a top-quality product. Having played handball for many years, he knows the value of a mutually supportive environment both at work and in sport.

Djémila is self-taught and has always had a broad range of interests. After her studies in psychology and then modern languages in 2009, she switched to a sandwich course in business management in 2012. At the same time, she learned to play the guitar in her spare time and launched her own translation business towards the end of 2014. Her passion for environmental conservation incited her to seek a position more in keeping with her beliefs and it was in 2015 that she joined the Chargemap team as executive assistant.

Her role in the team is highly versatile - which sates her thirst for knowledge - and highly gratifying as she is in charge of the company’s administration and customer support service.

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Chargemap is an ambitious company whose aim is to facilitate charging electric cars. Their mobile app and payment system help over 430,000 electric car drivers to charge their vehicles across Europe.

Their mission is to step up the adoption of electrical vehicles by enhancing the charging experience. The Chargemap team truly believes that electrical vehicles provide an excellent solution by replacing fossil fuels with electricity generated by renewable resources to power our journeys.

Chargemap is a key stakeholder in this unprecedented revolution in the history of cars, bringing together a team at the service of our community of electric car drivers. The company also offers a range of services targeting professionals, in particular company fleet managers.

What they are looking for

At Chargemap, they have drawn up 5 key values that guide them at every step in their adventure.

😍 Delight our users
They focus on providing their users with the best experience and they are confident that good business will follow.

💥Have a positive impact
They grow their business in a way that makes them proud. They care about people and their environment.

💪 Act with courage
They make bold decisions and they are not afraid to be disruptive to move ahead.

🤝 Build trust
They stay true to their values when they communicate and are transparent in their choices. They negotiate fair deals for everybody.

📈 Keep growing
They aim high for our company and our products. They love to learn and explore new paths.

It is essential to share these values if you want to join the Chargemap team!

Good to know

Because understanding the problems electric car drivers face is vital to their work at Chargemap, they encourage their fellow workers to try out EVs through trial sessions and offer perks to any team member who decides to go that extra step and opt for an electric car!

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