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BTI Advisory


BTI-Advisory is an IT consulting firm founded in 2016 and is totally independent. His mission is to build with our clients their digital transformation to promote and unlock their potential. For BTI-Advisory, the numeric era will be an integral part of the future world and it must have a positive impact over the society. We like to present ourself like the builder of great transformation. How ? By identifying an opportunity and proposing solutions and actions which are concrete and lasting according to our core values : excellency, commitment, openness and solidarity. Our expertise is based over a service offering compose by 4 pillars: IT product transformation, Multi-speed IT, Technology and innovation, UX Transformation.

What they are looking for

BTI-Advisory is a young and dynamic firm that draws its strength from diversity. The Expertise is as important as the interpersonal abilities. All along the year we are looking for varied profiles with excellent technical skills but also strong moral values. Working within the firm means we think quality first, but not at any price. We are convinced that well-being and personal development of everyone is our duty. To become a BTI-Advisor you have to: • Enjoy team work with people from different background, • Be curious and have a willingness to constantly learn, • Have a sense of sharing and listening, • Demonstrate authenticity and integrity.

Good to know

• A fast-growing company in France and on the international market with a wide variety of project, • A modern, demanding and stimulating technological ecosystem, • A Management 3.0 : autonomy, self-organized and proactivity are encouraged, • A great flexibility of working hours and remote working, • A tight community that meet annually for seminar and monthly for a sharing meeting.

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