Principal Product Manager F/H

Principal Product Manager F/H

  • Paris, 75001
  • Permanent contract 
    A few days at home
    Education: Not specified
    Experience: > 5 years

    Who are they?

    At its core, Brigad has always believed that anyone should be able to pursue his/her passion while being well valued, considered and, above all, free. This means being able to fulfill oneself in one’s job and career, reaching a sustainable work-life balance, being paid in a fair way and respected.

    Brigad is proud to enable thousands of talents, and tomorrow millions, to experience this lifestyle. We believe so firmly in our mission “Make work attractive and valuable to all” that we even decided to carve it into the charter of our “entreprise à mission” status (equivalent to US B-Corp).

    Since 2016, this ambition is translated into building the best app of the market enabling self-employed professionals and hospitality businesses to connect for short-term missions.

    ⭐️ Our users realize that we make a difference by currently giving a NPS of 77/100 over 5,000 answers, and sharing how Brigad changed their life.

    If originally Brigad deployed itself in the catering (restaurants, collective catering) and healthcare sectors (care homes and clinics), tomorrow, even more sectors will be concerned: everywhere talents aren’t equipped to pursue their passion while being properly considered and free.

    Brigad is currently available in the largest cities in France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg..) and in the UK, with the ambition to expand well beyond in France and Europe.

    Exciting challenges are waiting for you: expect to discover new countries, new industries, a top-notch product, a fast-paced development, and above all a solid team united around a truly concrete and positive impact on our daily users’ lives. A spirit that can also be found on Glassdoor and the grade of 4.7/5.

    Job description

    Our Mission

    “Make work attractive and accessible to all"

    From this statement, Florent Malbranche and Jean Lebrument, have founded Brigad in 2016, a mission-driven company. Brigad is an app/website that enables self-employed professionals and businesses in Hospitality and Healthcare to connect for flexible missions.

    Brigad exists to build the most sustainable ecosystem to enable talents to build a career from their passion. A better pay, a better work-life balance, and better career development opportunities. “Where Passions Thrive”

    Our Values

    Brigad's fundamental values guide us every day, to face these challenges with coherence and build an extremely strong culture:

    Brave: Be bold and make courageous moves.

    Impact: Do things that make a real difference.

    Care: Pay attention to all the people around you.

    Enjoy: Love what you do and have fun

    As a part of the Platform Experience Team (composed of the Tech and the Product teams) under our VP Product, you will partner with other Product managers to provide the best experience to our users. You will evolve within the Business team whose objective is to increase the number of client within the platform.


  • → What you’re going to do
  • You’ll be part of a trio, consisting of a Product Designer, a Product Engineer, and yourself. The three of you will share responsibility for all product decisions, with a particular focus on determining the level of investment needed to mitigate risks versus the ambition you aim for.
  • At Brigad, trios don’t operate as feature teams; instead, we entrust them with managing a 'campaign': achieving a defined qualitative and quantitative state within 9 to 12 months. As a trio, you will enjoy full autonomy in shaping the roadmap to reach this state, taking full responsibility for both successes and failures.
  • This approach means we cannot precisely outline the tasks you'll be working on, as you will be the ones making those decisions based on the company and product strategies. This is why we seek highly experienced professionals—individuals who can act as both owners and investors.
  • In contrast to many Product organisations, we favour small, efficient units. Consequently, 1 or 2 product engineers will join your trio for all or part of the campaign, depending on the required resources. Fortunately, our tech team is exceptionally skilled and actively engaged in solution design, resulting in a remarkably low number of bugs.
  • Last but not least, we expect you to actively contribute to enhancing our operational model and to share your experiences and insights with the entire team.
  • → What makes the job special
  • Cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from product research to ROI, within a trust-based relationship with the VP Product.
  • Join an advanced Product team that REALLY prioritizes outcomes over outputs.Contribute to a mission that goes beyond superficial symbols like fancy stickers around the elevator shaft.
  • And as a bonus, it's worth noting that we take pride in our high NPS and CSATs on both the talent and business sides, though we acknowledge that these are somewhat vanity metrics.
  • Requirements

  • Seasoned professional with a minimum of 10 years of experience.
  • Individual contributor: You thrive on making a direct impact. While you might have dabbled in management, you know your current sweet spot doesn't lie there.
  • Data-informed: You understand how and when to leverage quantitative data, but you don’t wait for data to dictate your actions.
  • Business-savvy: Recognize that merely putting something into production isn't enough; you grasp the importance of impact.
  • Efficient: Processes are meant to be tools to foster reflexes, not heavy burdens. You're the pilot: much like in Mario Kart, you can take shortcuts when necessary.
  • Leader: Capable of persuading a diverse audience, including defending you investment decisions in front of the members of the ExCom.
  • Language proficiency: Fluent in both French and English.
  • Brigad Stack

  • Notion + leverage of Gen AI ;
  • Figma & FigJam ;
  • Databricks, Superset & MixPanel ;
  • Hubspot ;
  • React.js & Node.js.
  • The Experience We Offer

    We live by our values in many ways to create the best experience possible for our employees.

    Brave: We strongly believe that for the same job and level, employees should be equally paid. We’ve developed our internal salary grid to ensure equity among employees. We want Brigad’ success to be your success too: we grant BSPCEs to all our employees, we know joining a scale up sometimes means navigating into the unknown.

    Impact: Being a mission driven company means having an impact on the society and also on our employees. We are proud to be an Eco responsible company, engaged on several CSR projects (Diversity with Tech Your Place,…). We work to bridge the gap between women & men by being a family friendly company: offering support in your search of a daycare system with “Les bébés explorateurs".

    Care: We identify ourselves as an office first company but with a flexible working environment where you don’t have to chose between working or spending time with the people you care the most. We offer up to 2 days of remote work per week and for our employees having parents/grandparents living in another country, we offer them a full remote week to spend more time with them every year.

    Enjoy: We enjoy working together not just through company monthly events or seminars, but also by learning together. We’ve created career ladders for our teams, with real opportunity to develop new skills, expertise, and grow in a new role with our internal mobility program. We also offer English and French classes and other learning programs depending on your team (using 360Learning).

    Learn more about us: who we are, our values, our teams and the recruitment process, here.

    Brigad ensures equal opportunities for all candidates. Each application received is considered regardless of ethnic and racial origin, opinions, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, health or disability.

    We are dedicated to building an equitable, inclusive, and authentic workspace. Unique and diverse perspectives are welcomed, and continuous growth is encouraged. We believe that people are more than their resumes, so if your past experience looks different than the criteria listed, we'd still love to hear from you. We appreciate and celebrate non-traditional life routes and encourage you to apply should you connect with a job description or our values.


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