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BCG Platinion

  • IT / Digital
  • Paris, Amsterdam, Bogota, Brussels, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Santiago De Chile, Sao Paulo
  • www.bcgplatinion.com

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IT Consultant

An information technology consultant, also known as an IT consultant, helps businesses create value and optimize their performance through technology.

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BCG Platinion is a rapidly growing company of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG*) with over 350 employees worldwide. We launched our Western Europe region in 2016, opening offices in London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2018, two more offices will open in Sao Paulo and Santiago.

BCG Platinion's mission is to transform our clients' visionary strategies into leading-edge technology platforms with impact at scale in order to gain a core digital mindset with long-lasting results. We create technology platforms and deliver exceptionally customized solutions of the future, from data strategies to next-generation customer journey solutions and transformational business models enabled by data and technology including IA capabilities.

Our hand-picked teams of seasoned strategists, technologists and industry specialists are the connecting force for our clients to turn strategy into implementation and inefficient operating models into agile ways of working with a client workforce fully enabled by our expert practitioners.

*BCG is a global management consulting firm and a world leading advisor on business strategy and transformation.

What they are looking for

BCG Platinion WESA is looking for the top digital, data and technology talent in the industry to join our rapidly growing teams. We seek innovative candidates with excellent relationship management skills, deep curiosity and a track record of re-inventing their technology skills in a fast changing industry. Our leitmotiv is to be ambitious for our clients and inventing best practices instead of applying existing ones.

Equally important, we want to expand our team with people sharing our beliefs that you should strive to grow by making others grow, and that diversity develops creative tension and produces new and better ideas.

Oh wait, you also want to be part of a dynamic, passionate and bold team working at high pace with the greatest clients in the world? Can't wait to hear from you!

Good to know

Life at BCG Platinion offers a multitude of opportunities for you to grow…

-A dedicated buddy to ensure a smooth transition into our working environment -A structured onboarding & training program with both BCG and BCG Platinion courses for industry hires and experienced consultants -Interactive team sessions to learn from each other and share challenges & knowledge -A dedicated Career Development Advisor who co-owns your personal growth -Office days to remind us of our purpose and celebrate success together -Regular office lunches with external speakers to hear from the best and keep our minds open -International projects to widen perspectives -Mobility opportunities to enrich life experience

And to have great fun… -Off-site events all year round in amazing locations -Frequent office outings and social events

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