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Paul joined the company in 2017 as a global account manager to develop relationships with his customers by understanding their real needs and tailoring products to meet their expectations. After intense sales trainings, he took the reins of the division to manage inside and outside sales and is now thriving with his team. Passionate about sports and adventure, discussions with customers and prospects often drag on and always end in good relationships.

Vincent has always been an open-minded globetrotter with a great capacity to adapt. Having studied in a French high school abroad combined with university exchanges, international experiences have always been his passion. After his master's degree in export management, he joined B2C Europe in 2020 as a global account manager. His experience in digital marketing and business development has allowed him to improve his interpersonal skills, a major asset for this position, as he is in constant exchange with customers.

After studying transport, logistics and international trade, Inchia joined B2C Europe in 2014, where she acquired a great versatility. After starting with the operational part during her first 2 years, she was in charge of the transport organization, and then, since 2017, she manages the Customer Service division.

Oussama, a former basketball player, has always had the makings of a leader and has always been open-minded. He entered the professional world at the same time as he obtained his engineering degree in management and logistics. His two major strengths: optimizing costs and always being customer success oriented. He took on a new adventure at B2C Europe in 2018 as Operations Manager France and now has over 9 years of experience in the field.

Sabrina has always had a special interest in the world of logistics despite her initial training in accounting. After spending 7 years wearing the double hat as an accountant and a forwarding agent in B2B companies, she decided to join the B2C Europe family to focus on B2C business. This triple qualification means she can understand from airfreight to containers thought small parcels and to have a clear overview of cost/sales. Versatility is her watchword and her days are dedicated to finding ways to improve the performance of the company.

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B2C Europe (acquired by Maersk in 2021) founded in 2000 in NL, with 5 hubs, have a team of 180+ people worldwide of which 13 working in Paris.

B2C Europe offers to customers an end-to-end solution to ship anywhere in Europe by transporting parcels from the customer's warehouse to the destination countries, via B2C Europe's own line-haul. Parcels are handed over to local carriers in the destination country, to ensure the best possible customer experience. All of this with a dedicated account manager, a single delivery point and in-house customer service.

In short, B2C Europe takes care of clearance, cross-border e-commerce logistics and returns, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business: product development, marketing and growing the business.

What they are looking for

B2C Europe is looking for people who are :

  • curious, as the world of e-commerce logistics evolves every day, it is necessary to be aware of current events;
  • Who listens to the client and to their colleagues;
  • People who want to become experts in logistics;
  • With a strong team spirit, being in permanent contact with the European teams;
  • Proactive, we like initiatives; In short, a real Swiss Army knife!

Good to know

European outreach with travel to the different hubs and meeting the teams.

Music all day long in the office (no one will judge you). A kitchen available for the "cordon bleu" that you are and for your colleagues.

Barbecue in summer / Raclette in winter. In reality, Tremblay is nice!

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