Flood and water resources modeller
AXA Climate
AXA Climate

Flood and water resources modeller

  • 14, Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris, 75009
  • Permanent contract 
    Hybrid remote
    Education: Master's Degree
    Experience: > 3 years

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    Who are they?

    AXA Climate’s purpose is to make regenerative business universal.

    Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies. To that end, we are transforming our business models, our organizations and our collective missions. And this transformation movement drives us.

    We are changing the paradigm: our companies are living beings, nested in the living world. To serve this mission we have four lines of business: 

    • Training: digital and scientific content that gets all employees engaged by giving them skills and tools
    • Consulting: having an impact at the local level through concrete adaptation actions
    • Insurance and financing: securing those who adapt and have an impact
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    Job description


    Science is at the heart of our Business Value Proposal.

    You will join a team of experts from many geoscience fields : hydrologists, climatologists, geologists, agronomists, ecologists and meteorologists working togehter to model risks stemming from various types of hazards (extreme and chronic) on built and natural environments, taking into account the impact of climate change.

    We harness our inhouse scientific expertise and bridge the gap between research and the industry to help our four lines of business by:

    1. Sharing and maintaining state of the art knowledge on geophysical and biodiversity risks and and opportunities within the team and with customers.

    2. Modeling the probability of occurrence of extreme climate hazards and providing analysis for our parametric insurance and consulting teams.

    3. Quantify assets and ecosystems vulnerabilities relying on internal and external sources of information.

    4. Developping partnerships with research institutes via joint R&D projects

    5. Participating in science outreach activities.


    • Develop water hazard models with a focus on flooding but also water scarcity and drought in both urban and rural areas. It includes rainfall-runoff and water propagation modelling and the generation of inland flood hazard analysis at local and regional scale.

    • Actively participate in parametric insurance activities throught flood risk modeling and data analysis.

    • Support consulting teams deliveries by developing climate risk indicators and assessing the feasibility of different water risk mitigation strategies by means of quantitative methods such as Cost Benefit Analysis.

    • Develop and review training materials.

    • Boost and communicate our R&D activities by building partherships with research institutes, participating in conferences, publishing in scientific journals and working with our communication team.

    Preferred experience

    • PhD or similar experience in the field of hydrology and/or hydraulics

    • 3+ years experience in flood risk modeling

    • Programming for risk modeling and data analysis

    • Experience in building a network of research institutes and experts

    • Project delivery: able to deliver projects in time, with the right level of quality

    • Customer focus

    • Team work

    • Autonomy

    Recruitment process

    5 interviews:

    • 1 introduction interview

    • 1 technical interview

    • 1 business interview

    • 1 HR interview

    • 1 culture interview

    AXA Climate
    AXA Climate

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