Biodiversity expert
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Biodiversity expert

  • 14, Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris, 75009
  • Permanent contract 
    Hybrid remote
    Education: Master's degree
    Experience: > 3 years

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    Who are they?

    AXA Climate’s purpose is to make regenerative business universal.

    Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies. To that end, we are transforming our business models, our organizations and our collective missions. And this transformation movement drives us.

    We are changing the paradigm: our companies are living beings, nested in the living world. To serve this mission we have four lines of business: 

    • Training: digital and scientific content that gets all employees engaged by giving them skills and tools
    • Consulting: having an impact at the local level through concrete adaptation actions
    • Insurance and financing: securing those who adapt and have an impact
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    Job description


    Brief overview:

    You will join the team dedicated to nature and biodiversity analyses. We are a transversal team which aims to help all internal business lines to propose and deliver missions on nature and biodiversity.

    On one hand, we develop AXA Climate’s internal capabilities around nature and biodiversity (tool building, datasets construction, training, participation to international working groups…) and on the other hand, we contribute to the delivery of consulting missions to help actors from all sectors understand their nature-related risks, impacts, and opportunities.

    The purpose of our team:

    We help companies and investors that feel a mismatch between their environmental ambitions and their own ability to (i) decipher the changing landscape on nature and biodiversity and (ii) establish a general framework for measuring and managing the company’s interactions with nature in order to reduce its pressures on the environment on the one hand, and to control its exposure to the main nature-related physical and transition risks on the other.


    • Support R&D initiatives on nature and biodiversity topics;

    • Identification and implementation of indicators to assess the state of natural capital and ecosystem services; 

    • Development of footprint methodologies to evaluate the impact of a corporate on nature; 

    • Research and tests on nature and ecosystem services valuation methodologies; 

    • Participation in the coding of the models, tools and in the data collection process; 

    • Contribution to the development of tools aligned with state-of-the art nature and biodiversity frameworks (TNFD, GRI, CSRD, SFDR…);

    • Help in the redaction of articles on nature and biodiversity; 

    • Contribution to consulting mission deliveries.

    Preferred experience

    • Expertise on Biodiversity tools and datasets; 

    • Field experience on biodiversity analysis; 

    • Environmental modeling (major on biodiversity and minor on climate); 

    • Coding skills - Programming for risk modeling and data analysis; 

    • Team work; 

    • Nimble learning (actively learning through experimentation when tackling new problems); 

    • Autonomy; 

    • Customer focus; 

    • Content mastering: able to quickly gain knowledge on a new topic, and synthetize in a comprehensive manner extensive bibliography researches;

    • Project delivery: able to deliver projects in time, with the right level of quality.

    Recruitment process

    5 interviews:

    • 1 introduction interview

    • 1 technical interview (including 1 use case to prepare in Python)

    • 1 business interview

    • 1 HR interview

    • 1 culture interview

    AXA Climate
    AXA Climate

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