Cosmetics, Design, Luxury, Marketing / Communications

Clichy, Dubai


Atelier 15 stands as a dynamic creative hub, spanning an expansive 1500m2 and uniting a diverse array of independent agencies in a collaborative ecosystem. Envisioned as a design campus, Atelier 15 cultivates an interdisciplinary environment dedicated to exploring and leveraging design in all its facets. Positioned at the forefront of shaping tomorrow's world through creative pursuits, it brings together agencies specializing in strategic planning, graphic design, color theory, industrial design, and architecture.

Within this vibrant space, each agency thrives in its unique expertise. To foster growth and facilitate collaboration, Atelier 15 provides a suite of shared services to its resident agencies. From reception and administrative support to technical assistance, IT services, and CSR initiatives, Atelier 15 is committed to expediting the development of each entity and fostering a culture of collective success.

What they are looking for

At Atelier 15, we welcome individuals from various professional backgrounds – be it a creative designer, graphic artist, salesperson, strategist, human resources professional, or accountant. What unites us is a shared appreciation for beauty. Our agencies are on the lookout for talented individuals who aspire to not only enhance brands but also contribute to the global experience of beauty for humanity. Join us in the pursuit of transforming creativity into a universal language that resonates with both brands and people worldwide.

Good to know

Transformed from a former warehouse, Atelier 15 is a thoughtfully repurposed space crafted to ignite creativity. Nestled just outside Paris, it provides a distinctive ambiance that goes beyond the conventional. With weekly breakfast gatherings, a lush green rooftop, a dedicated bike garage, sports activities, enlightening conferences, and more, Atelier 15 offers an unparalleled environment that sparks inspiration and fosters a vibrant community.

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