Ask for the moon

Ask for the moon

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, EdTech, SaaS / Cloud Services



In an era where industries are investing billions into decarbonising and relocating their value chains, rapid and large-scale knowledge sharing has become a vital element for sustainability.

Generative AI is revolutionizing the creation and consumption of knowledge, going beyond traditional boundaries to redefine what we know.

'Ask for the Moon' isn't just a tool; it's an internal platform transforming individual learning into collective advancement. When one employee learns, the entire organization grows.

This is NOT a chatbot. 'Ask for the Moon' is a dynamic AI-driven network, designed to connect people, harnessing human expertise across teams & time.

Their customers, including industry giants like Airbus, SNCF, EDF, Vinci, and Eiffage, are building the future of industry.

Ask for the moon is building the future of Knowledge with them.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Ask for the Moon is looking for curious and spontaneous individuals who enjoy simplicity and iterations. Ask for the Moon places customer contact at the heart of its methods: To work at Ask for the Moon, one must enjoy meeting users and love learning continuously, and independently.

Bon à savoir

Ask for the Moon operates in two-week sprints, common to devs, scientists, operations & sales. This makes sure everyone aligns with customer needs to build a high-quality, high-compliance, high-sovereignty Knowledge platform.

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