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After studying statistics at ENSAE, Marc worked in the research and development department of a French car manufacturer before joining SFR.

As a Manager in the IT department, he worked with his teams to set up a fraud detection system. He then looked for a solution to secure subscriptions in points of sale and decided to create ARIADNEXT in that context.

Marc is currently managing ARIADNEXT's creative and visionary Research and Development teams, working on solutions for tomorrow's problems, particularly those related to Digital Identity

Graduated in computer engineering, specializing in artificial intelligence, Montaser specialized in automatic learning through a thesis in handwriting recognition.

He then consolidated his expertise in "Document analysis and image processing" by working as a post-doc at INSA Lyon and LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses applications).

Montaser currently oversees the research work of the Documents division and coordinates the ANR IDFRAud project striving to develop a high-performance tool for detecting false identity documents.

Graduated from INSA Rennes in 2012, Edouard joined the ARIADNEXT Team as a mobile developer trainee. So much progress for this pillar of the team, who became Business Developer in recent years...

Hired at the end of his internship, Edouard looked after the entire life cycle of mobile products as Lead Dev Mobile. Edouard, who has got excellent adaptability and resource management skills, quickly evolved within the team.

Since he was drawn to the customer relations and sales, Edouard started a professional career transition within ARIADNEXT in 2017 and switch to Business Developer.

He also assists the product and marketing teams in defining ARIADNEXT's growth strategy and ensures customer follow-up and satisfaction thanks to his technical background. background.

After studying engineering, at Arts & Métiers and at the École Polytechnique, Guillaume began his career as a financial auditor at Arthur Andersen, mainly in the telecoms sector.

He moved from audit to consulting, then joined SFR in the sales department where he digitized the process of integrating customers online and in stores.

This innovative process that combines identity verification and an electronic signature is the DNA of ARIADNEXT founded in 2010 with Marc Norlain

A graduate of INSA Rennes, Sandra began her career at one of the world's leading video compression companies as a Development and Validation Engineer.

Interested in continuous improvement, Sandra implemented Agility within her department and contributed to the application of a graphic charter that got used to all the group's applications.

Due to the international dimension of Harmonic Sandra has acquired a strong experience in multi-site project management (team synchronization, test planning).

Etienne is a DevOps Engineer. In concrete terms, it helps Dev' teams to quickly bring their work into production and the production team to automate and adopt best practices from the world of Development.

He operates an essential role in the ARIADNEXT team! A graduate of IFSIC Rennes, Etienne started his career at digital services companies as a Developer.

Driven by the desire to see his work swiftly in production and tested by customers, Etienne soon became interested in the topics of Build, packaging, and deployment. This led him to work on integration and continuous deployment issues for several companies in Rennes.

Etienne joined ARIADNEXT in February 2019 to work within the Factory team and to support the production team in the implementation of kubernetes (k8s).

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Since 2010, ARIADNEXT publishes the most advanced automated digital identification solutions. We offer companies and governments the opportunity to instantly build trusted relationships with their online users and citizens. ARIADNEXT offers its customers 4 products, seen as references, setting the standard:

Today, an international company, ARIADNEXT employs more than 100 people in Rennes, Paris, Madrid, Bucharest, Warsaw and Amsterdam, and aims to double its workforce within 3 years. At ARIADNEXT, we are a Team; women and men passionate about our professions. We love challenges and cultivate a taste for science.

We share a common desire: to offer the best product; an original product we have designed and whose features we master. Therefore, we all work together with the same attention to detail to improve it day after day and make it a product we can all be proud of. We promote freedom of action and creative emulation. We attach great importance to the human being and the quality of the relationships we maintain within the team.

Conviviality, humor, and indulgence are our guilty pleasures.

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At ARIADNEXT, what matters most is the Team. Made up of men and women passionate about their jobs, the "team" loves challenges and cultivates a taste for science.

The employees share a common desire: to offer the best product; an original product that they have designed and whose aspects they master. Thus, they all work together with the same attention to detail to improve it day after day and make it a product of which they can all be proud.

Management promotes freedom of action and creative emulation.

Good to know

ARIADNEXT attaches great importance to people and the quality of relationships within the team.

Conviviality, humour and greed are their sweet sins.

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