ALPHA10X team includes leading AI scholars as well as data scientists with PhDs and advanced degrees from elite engineering schools from eighteen countries. With more then 80% of the team coming from a technical background, ALPHA10X puts a strong focus on product excellence.

The support, marketing and business services have expanded in 2022 to boost the company's growth. Since 2021, ALPHA10X focused on the life sciences (including Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, and Healthcare IT ) and to support this transition, has hired professionals with long term experience of the life sciences field, with a blend of business and technical skills as well.


Employee breakdown

  • Research


  • Development


  • Business & marketing


  • Support


Research Team

The research team aims to develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms to create knowledge, information and predictions, representing the essential components for making better-informed decisions.

The research team is composed of bold dreamers. ALPHA10X places trust in its employees, with the certainty that everyone has the ability to accomplish what is viewed impossible by most.

Development Team

The development team consists of data engineers, PySpark developers, and ML engineers. The team's goal is to collect and organize data, build and maintain the cloud infrastructure, hosted on Azure Cloud, and develop the application. Its values are those of quality craftsmanship and excellence.

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