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Marketing Automation Expert

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Allurion Technologies
Allurion Technologies

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Marketing Automation Expert

We are overjoyed to be recognized as one of Deloitte's top 500 fastest-growing technology companies in the US! But wait, there's even more excitement in store! Get ready for an incredible new journey as we proudly announce our official public listing ALUR. This momentous milestone opens up a new era filled with boundless possibilities and remarkable growth for our company!

Join our Dynamic Marketing Team as a Marketing Automation Expert!

Are you a marketing automation expert looking for your next big challenge? Do you love the thrill of optimizing campaigns and driving results through cutting-edge marketing automation platforms? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are seeking a passionate and experienced Marketing Automation Expert to join our team. As a crucial member of our marketing team, you will be responsible for managing our marketing automation platforms, taking them to their full potential, and creating impactful campaigns that drive growth and engagement.

What Will You Be Doing?

- Implementing, evaluating, and monitoring vital marketing operations initiatives in HubSpot and Salesforce. Your expertise in managing the lead lifecycle, lead scoring, lead nurturing, segmentation, and data cleansing will be invaluable in driving our marketing success.

- Supporting the integration of Marketing Automation with key technologies in our marketing stack. Your know-how will be essential in ensuring seamless platform integration and streamlining processes.

- Troubleshooting platform-related issues such as data synchronization, data quality, and workflows. Your knack for problem-solving will be put to the test as you maintain our marketing automation platform at its peak performance.

- Creating, testing, and maintaining forms, workflows, dashboards, emails, and surveys. Your creativity and attention to detail will be on display as you craft engaging content and delightful user experiences.

- Collaborating with management to define KPIs and providing insightful reporting and campaign performance analysis. Your data-driven mindset will be instrumental in uncovering opportunities for continuous improvement.

- Planning and executing A/B testing to optimize productivity, conversion rates, and overall campaign ROI. Your strategic approach will propel our marketing efforts to new heights.

- Managing marketing automation efforts and staying ahead of the curve with the latest best practices, strategies, and industry standards. Your proactive attitude will keep us at the forefront of marketing excellence.

What We Are Looking For:

- 4+ years of proven marketing automation experience. Your extensive background in marketing automation will make you a valuable asset to our team.

- Expert knowledge of database management concepts and best practices. Your data expertise will ensure our campaigns are fuelled by accurate and meaningful insights.

- Strong experience with HubSpot, Braze, Salesforce, or similar tools. Your proficiency in these platforms will be critical in executing successful campaigns.

- Data-driven with strong analytical skills. Your ability to extract valuable insights from data will drive our marketing decisions.

- Superior communication skills, both written and verbal. Your clear and compelling communication style will make a lasting impact on our audience.

- Highly organized and self-motivated with a sense of urgency. Your proactive and driven nature will keep our marketing efforts on track and ahead of schedule.

- Strong independent project management skills. Your ability to handle multiple tasks with competing priorities will ensure seamless execution.

- Capable of critical thinking, exercising independent judgment, and discretion. Your innovative approach will lead us to new and exciting marketing strategies.

- Excellent attention to detail. Your keen eye for detail will ensure our campaigns are flawlessly executed.

Are you ready to revolutionize our marketing efforts and drive outstanding results? Join us on our mission to transform the industry and make a lasting impact.

About us:

At Allurion, our core values of Audacity, Grit, Authenticity, Accountability, and being Data Driven, combined with our passion for innovation, have fueled our growth and will help us achieve our ambitious mission – ending obesity! As part of a recognized Great Place to Work ® in the US, UK, France, Allurions engage as a collaborative global team while solutioning a critical healthcare challenge which affects millions. We are driven by purpose, motivated by individual challenge and growth, and energized by collective engagement and competitive rewards. We invite you to join us as we aim to transform the way obesity is treated and make a lasting impact on the world.

How We Hire:

At Allurion, we value diversity and strive for a fair hiring process that is free from discrimination. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds, as we believe that diverse perspectives foster the best problem-solving and creative thinking. If your experience aligns closely with what we're looking for, or even if it's not a perfect match, we encourage you to apply. Experience comes in many forms, and passion goes a long way. Join us on our mission to end obesity and transform lives.

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