Dyego is from Brazil but he has lived in the Czech Republic since 2016. He is a senior iOS developer at and he has been working here since April 2020. Dyego joined after he got a tip from a friend to check out the company.

He is also the iOS platform lead developer for a project where he works on new features, possible bugs and improvements. On top of that, he helps another team with project analyses, he is responsible for providing bug fixing descriptions and feature requests.

Zuzka works as an HR Specialist and she has been working at for just over 3 years. After starting as HR assistant, today her main mission is to find the best colleagues for our teams. She does all of the hiring activities from A to Z and even more!

The reason she joined the company is, after some time in agency recruitment, she wanted to work in an internal HR department. Also, she realized that the IT industry might be interesting to work in and she took this challenge.

What she really appreciates the most about the company, is flexibility, for example, working from school or from any place she wants to. The second thing she loves about her job is the people. It sounds like a cliché, but, it's true!

This is Ondra. His first experience with mobile development came when he co-organized a scavenger hunt in Prague. He volunteered to develop a mobile app for them. After this experience, he wanted to extend his skills, so he applied for a junior Android developer position at Since then, more than 3 years have passed and nowadays Ondra is developing native Android apps autonomously and every day he strives for code cleanliness.

He believes that the main opportunity of working at is that one can try different things, different technologies and improve their skills while cooperating with experienced developers. He appreciates the friendly atmosphere we have in the company.

David has been working for almost 3 years now at He joined as Project Manager and after proving himself as a capable leader, he started to lead a PM Team of 5 people.

Currently, he is COO. At the moment, he is overseeing company operations and setting up new processes and tools to ease everyone´s work and help the company grow. In addition to that, a part of his job is making sure the teams are communicating well and on the same page.

Pavel has walked quite a journey within the company. He has basically been at since the beginning. While joining as a student, for a Android developer position, now it has been over 4 years he has been working here as the CTO. He is responsible not only for the tech vision of the company but also for day-to-day challenges and leading tech teams.

He puts emphasis on not being tied down with unnecessary processes, but rather to make room for the individuality of each team member and always listen to new ideas or any feedback they might have.

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We craft apps that make important stories paperless. Be a part of our award-winning mobile applications by working with our team of experts. We shape our client´s ideas into reality while fulfilling their business requirements.

10 years ago, started as a company purely focused on native mobile application development, however over time, we have expanded our competencies to other frontend and backend technologies in order to be able to develop and deliver complex solutions with the latest technologies. Our goal is to continue creating smart frontend solutions and complex solutions combined with the latest trends in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and IoT.

We want to maintain a partnership with our customers, whether they are startups or established companies and be their partner and guide in digitalization. We have successfully delivered and are currently delivering solutions to customers from all over the world. We don’t only have customers in the Czech market, but also in the UK, the United States, Australia and other countries outside of Europe.

What they are looking for

We are always looking for people who match our team culture. Simply put, we look for people with drive, energy and a desire to push things forward. Basically, people who like trying new technologies and approaches and people who are not afraid of any new challenges.

Good to know

  • We have brand new offices in Karlin, where we often have coffee, breakfast or even do yoga together.
  • If you are not sure about your English level and you wish to improve it, you can have weekly lessons with our teacher Mike.
  • As a company, we enjoy relaxing after work, whether we have a beer, play board games, go bowling or do some (non)sport-related activity, therefore we are a member of the Multisport card program.
  • On top of all that, we provide a laptop (Mac or Dell), fully-paid tariffs on all calls, plus an extra week of vacation.

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