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After graduating from Ecole Centrale Paris (Central School of Paris), Benjamin worked 2 years with a major software editor in back-end development as well as front-end, and discovered his preference for the latest. He joined ActiveViam in 2016 and is now a senior engineer for Active UI, our user interface.

Elodie studied at CentraleSupélec (Centrale Paris course), where she participated to the first edition of the Digital Tech Year (DTY) program, followed by a computer science course for her last year of specialization.

She had her first work experiences as an intern in an IT services company and later, in a american start-up. Since 2016, she has joined Activeviam as an Engineer in the Pre-Sales team and works mainly in the retail sector.

She supports our sales executives by responding to technical questions, capturing potential clients’ business needs and creating Proof of Concepts - customized prototypes.

After graduating from the ENSIMAG (National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble), Guillaume started at ActiveViam in 2017.

After a few months of training, he joined the team in charge of retail customer projects. This position allows him to leverage his abilities to understand their business needs, as well as his developing skills, in order to help them implement pricing strategies.

Hi there. My name’s Romain. I have been with ActiveViam since 2010. I am currently leading a Research and Development team for the development of our Python API.

Before arriving at ActiveViam, I had a fairly traditional background for an engineer. After a studying for the Grande Ecole exams I enrolled at an engineering school, the Ecole Centrale Paris. I did my last year abroad. I studied computer science at Stanford University in California.

Then I spent four years as an IT engineer at Oracle. In 2010, I wanted to come back to France. I was looking for a company that was ahead in technology, very focused on software creation, publishing and above all technical excellence. I found ActiveViam.

I lead a Research and Development team with several IT engineers. We are developing a Python library specialising in large volumes of data. On an everyday basis, our challenges are to look at what is being done and to make things that are very effective and very well written from a software point of view, with a lot of innovations.

What I like about my job is being intellectually challenged on a daily basis, always being at the cutting edge of performance and technical excellence, and working with people who are very good at what they do, who are very intelligent and pleasant to work with on a daily basis.

For my team I am looking for people who have a fairly solid background in scientific terms, who have come from an engineering school, who are passionate about technical challenges, who love new technologies, who will want to learn new things on a daily basis and who strive to be increasingly comfortable and efficient in the field of IT and performance.

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Founded in 2005 by a group of four entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, ActiveViam has offices in Paris (R & D headquarters), London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. ActiveViam's clients are leading companies from multiple industries.

ActiveViam provides them SaaS or on-premise analytical solutions to drive critical business processes.

Dealing with massive, volatile data volumes in real-time, they help speed up and improve decision-making. The scope of these solutions ranges from managing prices and inventory under multiple constraints in retail, to the management of all types of financial risks (market, credit, liquidity, etc.), and compliance with regulatory constraints

What they are looking for

ActiveViam is looking for proactive employees,

  • ready to work in an ever-changing international environment and quickly take on major projects
  • who love challenges and are always looking for original solutions
  • able to run multiple projects simultaneously and motivated to develop new skills and work with advanced technologies

Good to know

Our motto at ActiveViam is "find the best road, and build one if there isn't one"! »

If you like winter sports, travelling and solving complicated but concrete problems as a team, welcome to our place!

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