Louis studied Computer Science for 5 years with one goal in mind: create video games. After graduating, he joined a small studio and worked on a mid core game for a year. In 2015, he created 8SEC with Louis Croquet. They created and launched more than 50 games together, to refine their process and understand the market. Today, Louis is in charge of the technical side of 8SEC, from prototyping to live games.

Graduate with a master in human resources, Albane very quickly chose her path in recruitment and HR projects. After more than 5 years spent in various industries, she joined the adventure to help structure the teams and support the growth. If you apply at 8SEC, you will surely be in contact with her !

Louis studied Game Design in Lyon with a strong interest in the mobile gaming market. In 2015, he launched 8SEC as Chief Creative Officer with Louis Giraud. His only purpose now is to help 8SEC unleash its creativity to bring innovative games to millions of players around the world.

Valentin studied Game Design and learned programming in his spare time as an autodidact. He joined 8SEC mid 2019 as a junior game developer. Since then, he's been dedicated not only to improve his technical skills but also to understand the hypercasual market, the analytics and the advertising side. Today, Valentin is managing a development squad at 8SEC, driving his team to ship the best product possible to the stores.

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8SEC is a hyper casual game studio based in the beautiful city of Lyon. They create engaging free-to-play games and aim to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry.

As a full-stack studio, the company handles the entire game development process and its publishing in-house. Their strength lies in particular in their creative and their data-driven mindset. The team tests each game every step of the way to ensure that ideas reach their full potential.

Moreover employee empowerment and engagement are key to making the company grow and thrive. Each talent can contribute, learn and share and gets opportunities to develop as a professional.

8SEC has already grown significantly last year and they will follow the same trend in the upcoming months to reach their goals: create hits that will dominate the top charts and deliver fun around the world !

What they are looking for

They are seeking fresh ambitious talents who want to grow and rock the industry So, If you feel like having complete ownership over your projects and you want to make your own decisions, If you love to test new ideas, try new solutions and are not afraid to overcome challenges and learn, If you are willing to achieve great things and if ‘better done than perfect’ is a mantra for you,

Then 8SEC is definitively a place where you will thrive!

Good to know

What you’ll find at 8SEC ?

A data-driven-innovation-based culture : everyone’s ideas are welcome and anyone can think of a new game idea. You’ll be able to playtest all the games and provide feedback. You will also have transparent access to all the data which will help you get the big picture of what is going on in the company

A place where you’ll be encouraged to learn and grow to develop your own career path: you’ll have the opportunity to change position and quickly evolve in the company

A great place to work, located in the heart of Lyon (bars, gyms, terrasse, coffee and snacks…) where you will have a great work-life balance with remote work, flexible hours…

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