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Relocating for work is never an easy task.

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Work in Barcelona: François

Originally from Belgium, he left his job at Google in San Francisco to move to Barcelona with his wife, where he decided to open his own bakery.

Work in Barcelona

Considering relocating to Barcelona? Let’s have a look behind the scenes to understand what it takes to be a happy expat in Barcelona.

Work in Barcelona: Amy

Born and raised in Canada, Amy moved to Barcelona to change career by retraining as a software developer. Here's her expat experience of the city.

No Money? No Problem!

It’s the end of the month and you’re in the red… Fear not! Here are our tips for where to head when you need to enjoy Barcelona on a budget.

Work in

Work in Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona for work? Navigate the job jungle in this international hub with our insider tips, advice from locals and insights from industry experts.

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