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Evolving within a very pleasant working environment, the Lucky Cart teams are talented, united and growing. Everyone combines technical know-how, methodology and passion in the service of common missions and projects. The atmosphere and good humour are inherent to its good functioning and Lucky cart is higly attached to it.

In the company's culture, welcoming newcomers is essential: we organise an onboarding to meet all the teams (data, tech, sales, marketing/com, product) to understand the organisation and potential challenges. As interactions are daily, the newcomer can feel at ease and integrated from day one.

Another central point of the Lucky Cart culture is that we pay particular attention to compliance with the GDPR commitments made to our retail partners and brands.

The compliance of data processing is carried out by all of functions and the monitoring of these specifications is an absolute priority for Lucky cart.

Lucky Cart
Lucky Cart
Lucky Cart

Employee breakdown

  • Support functions (MKT/COM, BIM, HR, DAF...)


  • Sales (Retail, Grand Comptes, CSM)


  • Data


  • Tech


  • Product


Management Team

The management team, represented by our CEO and CFO, also includes all the support functions necessary for the smooth running of Lucky Cart.

  • Our CEO sets the course, the vision and the ambitions of the company. A true conductor, he sets the objectives and coordinates each business line to deliver the strategic projects.
  • Our CFO steers the business and HR and ensures that each employee works in the best possible conditions.
  • Our Marketing Director & Business Insight works to promote the company to our clients and also to our (future) talent and more broadly externally to a captive audience such as PR, social networks, etc.

Lucky cart, we are in the food retail market and it is a super complex market with a phenomenal amount of data, our job is to transform this complexity into simple, impactful and fun activations to move towards mass communication in 1to1.


Sales Team

The Sales team brings together all of Lucky cart's commercial expertise and customer’s relation. 3 separate teams:

  • 1 Key Accounts - Industrial team

  • 1 Retail team

  • 1 CSM team (Customer success manager) The team works daily with our customers to identify and understand their strategic and business challenges, in order to provide them with the most appropriate solution. To develop long-term partnerships, while acting in a demanding, enthusiastic and pragmatic manner.

When I arrived at Lucky Cart, I was immediately introduced to our various tools. In addition, I was integrated into all of the company's teams, which allowed us to understand the role of each team in the existence, implementation and deployment of our solutions.

Marie, Key Account Manager Junior

Data Team

The main objective of our Data team is the use of data with the main goal of operational excellence. This is based on 3 key missions:

  • Prediction of purchasing trends,
  • Business insights both on our operations and on the market as a whole,
  • Building systems based on an architecture that responds well to Big Data issues.

At the heart of Lucky Cart's strategy, our Chief Sciences & Data Officer and his team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts work hard every day to create and develop in-house algorithms that will be decisive and disruptive for our industrial and retail clients.

Data analysis and processing allow us to help our clients to better respond to the evolution of their market and to shoppers' expectations. Thanks to our predictive tools, we are able to anticipate purchasing behaviour as accurately as possible and thus develop incremental business.

What is different at Lucky Cart is that we are a small company with a start-up culture, very flexible and relaxed, but on the other hand, we work with a huge flow of data, 100 million shopping baskets per day, and these are volumes that are usually in much larger structures. Besides that, we don't just do simple statistics or use external solutions, we do research, we do analysis and real end-to-end models.

Lina, Data Scientist

Tech Team

The Tech team is a fundamental pillar of Lucky Cart that all other teams rely on to improve the shopping experience of millions of shoppers every day. It is not just developers but a core team without whom our solutions would not be available. They are multi-skilled, with code and R&D as the highlight of their daily lives. Stabilising the existing system, solving bugs, creating new functionalities... a rich and motivating day-to-day life led by our CTO.

In my opinion what's cool about Lucky cart is that product perspective that really goes forward. We try to use the latest tech like React and Typescript with a Mongo database, and we have that legacy side and we try to innovate whenever we can.

Valentin, Full Stack Developer Junior

Product Team

The Product team's mission is to build the Retail Tech products of tomorrow, which bring value to both retailers and manufacturers, and which offer the best shopping experience to shoppers! It brings together a CPO and Product Managers who each manage a multidisciplinary team of Developers, QA and Data Engineers. The Product Managers prioritise and build features in accordance with the Lucky Cart Roadmap and OKRs.

The Product Design team works on the user experience of our products, to make them easier to use and as attractive as possible.

At Lucky Cart, we're dealing with the many challenges of Big Data. It's very exciting because when you understand how to harness data's an added strength to your products.

Léo, Product Manager