Lucky Cart

Lucky Cart

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Hromadná distribuce, SaaS / Cloud Services


Organization and methodologies

We are organised into 3 impact teams, each composed of a Product Manager, developers (Backend, Frontend and Full Stack), a DevOps, a QA Engineer and led by an Engineering Manager. These impact teams have measurable objectives taken directly from Lucky Cart's OKRs. Each team works in an agile methodology, with the desire to deliver value to customers quickly and to improve continuously. We use Jira as a ticketing tool and BitBucket as CI/CD.

Projects and tech challenges

The Lucky cart product is separated into two parts:

The Lucky cart product is separated into two parts:

  1. A platform to manage in a few clicks hundreds of campaigns in parallel on several e- commerce sites and applications, to track shoppers, distribute earnings and analyze campaign performance.

  2. An engine that transforms millions of shopper events (browsing, clicks, shopping cart, payment, ...) into personalized interaction (display of banners, product recommendations, triggering of a game), all in real time. Lucky cart's main challenges are the volume of data processed, in terms of both the number of requests and the volume of data, with strong security issues.

Recruitment process

Step 1: Technical test and debrief with two developers

Step 2: Interview with Vincent our CTO

Step 3: Interview with Bouzhiane, Co-founder COO

Step 4: Meeting with Romain our CEO