Job-hunting: a jungle!

Job-hunting is a real obstacle course, especially if you don’t necessarily know the rules of the game. Finding your tribe is no easy thing these days. Looking for a job on the internet in 2019 can be quite an ordeal. Job sites aren’t particularly intuitive and company career sites are insufficiently detailed.

We are a group of people in their thirties who know all about job market fatigue. Why should everyone have to suffer? Our mission at Welcome to the Jungle is to change things, to provide you with all the information you need to discover the best companies and apply for jobs in the ones you’re really interested in. Every week we go out to explore the landscape and come back with the coordinates of the best prospects we meet for you. They are not always the best known, the richest, those with the best working set-up or the best offices. But they are companies that are recruiting and offering real career opportunities to all those who share their values and want to throw themselves behind their development. Over to you!

Welcome to the Jungle