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Paris, Boston

A graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and Machine Learning graduate of ENS, Eric was trained by the best data scientists in Silicon Valley, before going on to specialize in cybersecurity in Paris. Eric is the CTO of GitGuardian, directing and supervising the entire R&D team. He knows the best cocktail recipes in Paris, and doesn’t hesitate to step into the ring to let off steam !

Guillaume is the sales director at GitGuardian. After a law degree, Guillaume couldn’t see himself working for a large law firm and made the choice to switch to tech sales. Guillaume has been in the business of cloud, devops and cybersecurity sales for the last 8 years in various fast growing organizations. Guillaume enjoys mentoring, coaching up and coming sales reps while cultivating a strong business and technical acumen within the team ! He is a cycling and backpacking nerd enjoys doing outdoor things on the weekends and during his vacations.

Carole is the CMO of GitGuardian. She has done all her career in the software industry and has in-depth expertise of BtoB Enterprise marketing and Developer marketing. From a large group to start-ups she has built effective marketing strategies managing teams in Europe and in the US. She also likes to share her experience and advise on best-practices and is a member of local or international CMO groups. Carole loves Paris cultural life, so you can count on her to give you ideas of places to visit or shows to attend!

Henri graduated from l’Ecole Polytechnique with a double master in Big Data from HEC.

After spending 6 months in the Gendarmerie Nationale, he evolved as a developer and became the 1st developer dedicated to Secret Detection at GitGuardian. He now leads the Secrets Team composed of backend & data engineers.

He is also GitGuardian’s handyman. Thanks to his passion for woodworking and masonry, he always has tools in his bag and he is ready to help at any time!

Mackenzie is a developer advocate and former co-founder of a startup in New Zealand. He is passionate about technology, DevOps and cybersecurity.

As GitGuardian’s Developer Advocate , Mackenzie shares his passion for code security and educates developers. He works hand in hand with research teams to raise awareness on the issue of Secrets Sprawl on GitHub and other VCS. Mac is discovering Paris and France, so you can count on him for some drinks in the evening, or biking during the week-end.

Edouard is the VP Product of GitGuardian. He worked in several environments and sizes of companies, but always in Cybersecurity or Defense. Both in Paris and in the countryside, Edouard likes these two ways of life. Traveling and cooking are part of his preferred hobbies.

Eric graduated from Centrale Paris, and became a full stack developer during 3 years in a renowned recruitment agency.

He joined GitGuardian as the first Product Management. As our internal repository monitoring product’s PM, he works with a strong team of developers to build the best automated secrets detection solution.

Eric is known in the company as “The Teacher” : always willing to educate new comers (tech and non tech people) about our products and industry!

He has been instrumental in creating this culture of knowledge sharing throughout the company.


GitGuardian is a global post-series B cybersecurity startup; we've raised $44M by the end of 2021 with American and European investors including top-tier VC firms.

More than ever in 2023, we have a very solid business model with a fast-growing ARR, multi-year contracts and great customer retention rates.

Among our early investors who saw our market value proposition, are the co-founder of GitHub, Scott Chacon, along with Docker co-founder / CTO Solomon Hykes 👀

We develop code security solutions for the DevOps generation and are a leader in the market of secrets detection & remediation.

Our solutions are already used by hundreds of thousands of developers in all industries and GitGuardian Internal monitoring is the n°1 security app on the GitHub marketplace 🔥

We work with some of the largest IT outsourcing companies, publicly listed companies like Talend or tech companies like Datadog.

More than 85% of our customers are in the United States.

What they are looking for

GitGuardian’s values are:

  • Everyone is a teacher, we learn together
  • Fail smart, grow fast
  • Dare and go the extra mile!
  • Innovate, step by step
  • Team up, stay humble!

Good to know

  • Offices in Paris and Boston.
  • We are experiencing rapid growth (from 18 people to 150 in less than 3 years!)
  • We value diversity and have a few different nationalities working together in English, when necessary, we are sponsoring visas and “titres de séjour” thanks to the “passeport talent” developed by the French Tech!
  • We have a strong written culture and value asynchronous work (#Gitlab fans)
  • We love to gather around team building activities! Each employee benefit from a monthly budget to spent on Team events which are organised.
  • Remote-friendly environment: up to 3 days/week for people living in Île-de-France, (almost) full-remote policy for people living elsewhere in France. We also offer a Home office equipment allowance to every new comers.
  • We are pet friendly and have a couple of 4 legged team members coming regularly at the Paris office ;)

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