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Paris, Boston


GitGuardian is a global post-series B cybersecurity startup; we've raised $44M by the end of 2021 with American and European investors including top-tier VC firms.

More than ever in 2023, we have a very solid business model with a fast-growing ARR, multi-year contracts and great customer retention rates.

Among our early investors who saw our market value proposition, are the co-founder of GitHub, Scott Chacon, along with Docker co-founder / CTO Solomon Hykes 👀

We develop code security solutions for the DevOps generation and are a leader in the market of secrets detection & remediation.

Our solutions are already used by hundreds of thousands of developers in all industries and GitGuardian Internal monitoring is the n°1 security app on the GitHub marketplace 🔥

We work with some of the largest IT outsourcing companies, publicly listed companies like Talend or tech companies like Datadog.

More than 85% of our customers are in the United States.

What they are looking for

GitGuardian’s values are:

  • Everyone is a teacher, we learn together
  • Fail smart, grow fast
  • Dare and go the extra mile!
  • Innovate, step by step
  • Team up, stay humble!

Good to know

  • Offices in Paris and Boston.
  • We are experiencing rapid growth (from 18 people to 150 in less than 3 years!)
  • We value diversity and have a few different nationalities working together in English, when necessary, we are sponsoring visas and “titres de séjour” thanks to the “passeport talent” developed by the French Tech!
  • We have a strong written culture and value asynchronous work (#Gitlab fans)
  • We love to gather around team building activities! Each employee benefit from a monthly budget to spent on Team events which are organised.
  • Remote-friendly environment: up to 3 days/week for people living in Île-de-France, (almost) full-remote policy for people living elsewhere in France. We also offer a Home office equipment allowance to every new comers.
  • We are pet friendly and have a couple of 4 legged team members coming regularly at the Paris office ;)

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