Rand is a contractor in artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Rand learned how to code at the age of 10, created his first startup at 14, and went into AI in 2003 before starting his PhD at 21. Prior to Zama, Rand founded Snips, a privacy-friendly voice assistant, which was acquired by Sonos in 2019.

He was elected "35 under 35" by the MIT Tech Review, "30 under 30" by Forbes, is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, and was on the Conseil National du numérique where he dealt with governance issues related to AI and privacy. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a PhD in bioinformatics from UCL and is a graduate of Singularity University and THNK.

Twitter/Medium @randhindi

Pascal is an entrepreneur and researcher in cryptography.

For more than 25 years, Pascal has been inventing and developing new cryptographic techniques for sensitive industries. From homomorphic encryption to the crypto whitebox, Pascal is a reference in the academic and industrial world.

He is a member of the IACR and ISO, where he contributes to the standardization of encryption. Author of more than fifty research papers, he is the winner of the "Best Paper Awards" at Asiacrypto 2005 and is one of the most cited researchers in the world, particularly in homomorphic encryption. Prior to Zama, Pascal founded Crypto Experts, a cybersecurity consulting agency.

He holds a PhD in cryptography from Télécom Paris.

Twitter @pascal_paillier

Ilaria is a researcher in cryptography, specializing in homomorphic encryption.

Fascinated by enigmas and secrets, she studied mathematics at the age of 18 in order to get closer to cryptography. After a bachelor's degree at the University of Cagliari, she obtains a master's degree at the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble and starts in 2015 her doctorate at the University of Versailles Paris-Saclay. Her thesis allowed her to specialize in homomorphic encryption and to build the TFHE scheme, currently one of the fastest in the world. Before joining Zama, Ilaria was at Microsoft Research and then in postdoc at KU Leuven.

She is the author of several publications, and winner of the "Best Paper Awards" at Asiacrypt 2016 as well as the iDASH competition in 2019. Ilaria has also contributed to the development of several open source encryption libraries.

Twitter @IChillotti


Zama's mission is to safeguard privacy by making the internet encrypted end-to-end.

Zama is building a suite of products for securing AI applications in the cloud and on the blockchain. Developers and data scientists can build FHE-friendly applications using our technology without having to know cryptography.

Zama was founded by Pascal Paillier, a pioneer in FHE, and Rand Hindi, a serial privacy entrepreneur.

If you would like to learn more about Fully Homomorphic Encryption, you can read our 6-min introduction:

What they are looking for

Zama's team have in common:

  • a passion for privacy
  • a willingness to learn new things
  • a deep expertise in the technologies they use
  • intellectual integrity
  • a willingness to always help their colleagues

Good to know

Homomorphic encryption is a nascent technology that didn't work until recently. Joining Zama today is like having joined a deep learning startup in 2010: you need to be excited about being in the first wave that defines the industry!

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