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Discover Ÿnfarm

At the beginning of 2022, our third production site, Ÿnfarm, will begin producing our insects. Ÿnfarm is powered by cutting-edge technologies, protected by 300 patents, and will be measuring 36 meters high and producing 100,000 tons of output per year, the largest vertical farm in the world. Why Amiens ? Our goal was to: Set up our activity in the heart of the French food-production area (as the first European agricultural region). Increase proximity to the resources essential to our agricultural activity, including milling, starch production, and bioethanol supply... Support the local economy and comunity by contributing to its attractiveness, paving the way for other investors, and primarily (nearly 500 direct and indirect positions).

100,000 tons

of ingredients per year (200,000 by second phase)

1st carbon negative vertical farm

in the world (across the food chain, avoids and sequesters more carbon than it emits)


300 patents

500 jobs worldwide

direct and indirect

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Ÿnsect's ambition is to revolutionize the food chain and contribute to the major challenges of our time: feeding the planet, fighting global warming, preserving the environment... by putting the insect back in its place, at the base of the food chain.

Ÿnsect, the world leader in breeding insects, offers an ecological, premium, healthy and sustainable solution for feeding animals and plants. The company uses breakthrough technologies that enable it to grow Molitor mealworms in vertical farms with a negative carbon footprint.

What they are looking for

Working at Ÿnsect means contributing to a major challenge: feeding the planet by creating a new, local and sustainable industry.

It means working within a committed structure, with talented and passionate employees.

Agility, responsiveness, exploration, curiosity and initiative are the key words on a daily basis.

Ÿnsect recruits talents who are looking for meaning day-to-day and who share its values: Exploring, Balance, Adaptability, Solidarity and Authenticity. So there's no need to be an insect expert already!

With strong ambitions for growth and development, the Ÿnsect teams are looking for their future colleagues: engineers, production managers, line operators, operators, maintenance technicians, sales, communication, HR, finance, IT, automation engineers, researchers, etc.

Good to know

  • Parental Act: 10 weeks paternity leave fully funded by the company
  • Teams on a human scale: sharing, willingness to move in the same direction
  • Thorough integration scheme for all newcomers
  • Employee shareholding: enabling all Ÿnsect employees to benefit from the profits of the company's growth and to participate in its governance.

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