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About Wynd

Wynd provides Omnichannel cash-in, order orchestration and order preparation systems (OMS, PIM, C & C, Kiosk, mPos, PoS, payment orchestration, etc.)

Unified commerce means being able to bring your products everywhere, all the time and for everyone, wherever they are, in order to attract and retain customers.

For the brand customer it is the opportunity to choose when, where, what and how.

Wynd is THE platform for reducing the gap between the digital world and the physical point of sale. Our double expertise on the logistic component (moving the stock, deploying new services and customer journeys quickly) and cash-in (registering and charging orders according to the different channels) allows retailers to have a coherence of tools and data between the digital and the physical world to increase their margins. Our sectors are food retails, special retails, luxury and fashion, hospitality, services, retail property.

The platform is based on an Azure Cloud architecture and the latest development technologies (Symfony, REST API, React, TypeScript…)

Some numbers:

400+ employees. 112+ million raised. 30+ rewards and certifications. 35+ partners. 100+ customers (Sodexo, Orange, Carrefour, Total, Natixis ...) in 18countries. 18,000+ outlets

  • Employees

    From 250 to 2,000 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    Software, SaaS / Cloud Services, E-commerce

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