Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Barcelona, Francfort-Sur-Le-Main, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris

In 2007 Alfonso graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic of Valencia. In 2010 he left his native Spain and held the positions of Project Manager, Assistant Architect and Project Manager where he managed architectural and construction projects.

For Alfonso, human relations are essential. He particularly enjoys working in a team to carry out his projects. He also likes to come up with new ideas.

In his personal life, he loves to travel, dive and see his friends!

After obtaining her Master II in Revenue Management & Pricing, Lucie first evolved in the hotel industry by working for large groups such as Mariott and Accor, then in 2014 she joined the ranks of Clubmed as a Supervisor to then move on in 2017 to the title of Head of Revenue Management Europe-Africa.

Enriched by her experience in hospitality, she joined the team in 2018 as Site Manager of Wojo Saint-Lazare (Paris).

Sandra has had several experiences which have allowed her to experience different professions: she has been Client Advisor, Assistant Training Project Manager, Consumer Service Coordinator, Client Manager and Litigation Manager.

In August 2019, Sandra decides to join Wojo as a Business Partner. The multifaceted position matches her personality and what she is looking for.

Sandra is smiling, she has a sense of service and gives the best of herself to satisfy the members, while managing all the versatile missions of her profession.

In her personal life, Sandra really appreciates everything related to fashion and sport!

After his studies in the hotel and catering industry, Jérémy had the opportunity to have various enriching experiences in France and abroad. He cut his teeth in a Parisian Palace where he went from Clerk to Supervisor.

In 2019, Jérémy discovered Wojo, and he found a position that suited him: he became F&B Manager and participated in the opening of a new Wojo site in Madeleine (Paris).

Jérémy is welcoming and likes being able to treat all the people who come to taste his dishes: he wants to offer "a break in the day for members".

Jérémy is a “bon vivant” who likes to find good restaurants!

For Augustin the Wojo adventure began while he was still a student at the Normandy School of Management.

Wojo quickly saw his potential, and in 2016 he joined the team as an alternating Business Development Manager.

Finally graduating in 2018, he then joined the company permanently.

Wojo's dynamic and friendly environment allows him to flourish and express all his commercial talent.

Jessica worked in human resources in the Bouygues group for nearly 15 years. At Bouygues Immobilier, in 2015, she supported several of the group's subsidiaries as HR Manager, and thus participated in the creation of Wojo. She then made the choice to join Wojo to support growth at European level.

Listening, finding original solutions, Jessica enjoys juggling lots of projects at the same time!

She loves nature and (almost) never misses her runs!


Wojo is a major operator in the market for new places to live at work (coworking, private offices and meeting rooms), launched by Bouygues Immobilier in December 2014 under the Nextdoor brand (1st site opened in June 2015). In 2017, Bouygues Immobilier and Accor formed a 50/50 partnership. In early 2019, Nextdoor becomes Wojo and has since then continued its expansion locally and internationally as well. In 2022, Mama Works in Lyon and in Bordeaux joined Wojo.

In addition to its 15 Wojo flagship and 2 Mama Works currently open, Wojo also offers an exclusive typology of shared workspaces (Wojo Spots, Wojo Corners and more recently the offices deployed in hotels) available anywhere and anytime. The aim : to become the privileged interlocutor of companies that wish to make offices an asset, to:

  • improve the quality of working life, and thus attract / retain talent,
  • encourage the practice of teleworking within its network,
  • and manage their real estate in a more flexible and sustainable way, synonymous with cost reduction.

Stéphane Bensimon, president of Wojo, carries this vision: To be the lead performer in “Workspitality®” by developing, throughout the world, a large network of places, creators of unique work experiences, enriched with services, designed for pleasure and performance and connecting talents.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an important dimension at Wojo: Wojo's offers has a positive impact and they have developed a CSR policy in 5 pillars, the details are indicated in their CSR charter. All employees are encouraged to participate in CSR at their level. For more information, here are some of their commitments: https://www.wojo.com/landing/fr/rse/

What they are looking for

They are looking for natural, agile and sociable people!

Wojo promotes different professions to come together and think across the board, so you have to be open and curious.

If you're the type to say easily:

  • “I don't know how to do it, but I want to try. "
  • "I have an idea I would like to share. "
  • "On this one, I need help. "

=> You will love working with them.

Good to know

What matters for Wojo is that you come as you are: for them, the perfect recruitment is a meeting between two complementary universes.

Their manifesto:

“Wojo, this is a team that believes that work provide self-fulfillment. Because by realizing your projects, you also realize yourself.

They think that together we are always stronger. Because by connecting with other talents and ideas, we really push ourselves forward.

They know that fun is a component of success. Because there is no real professional success without personal growth. "

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