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Charles Pierre is the co-founder and CTO of Wiremind who oversees all technical aspects related to our products. He is a graduate of École des Mines de Nancy and Columbia University, specializing in applied mathematics and operations research, respectively.

Prior to co-founding Wiremind in 2014, Charles worked as a developer at large companies like Air France and SNCF. He has contributed significantly to the company's growth by structuring the development team and leading the development of our advanced solutions.

Étienne Corbillé is the CTO of Wiremind Cargo, responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the cargo vertical. He holds dual degrees from École Polytechnique and École des Ponts.

Étienne began his journey with Wiremind in 2019 as a Fullstack developer and had been working as the CTO of Wiremind Cargo since 2022. He plays a key role in developing and launching various products of the CARGOSTACK suite.

Arnaud Yankwa Wandji is a lead machine learning engineer at Wiremind where he supervises a squad working on machine learning pipelines for our optimization algorithms.

He also oversees the development of predictive models to forecast demand and tackles the technical challenges faced at Wiremind.

A graduate of engineering from CentraleSupelec in Paris and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Arnaud joined Wiremind in 2021 as a Machine Learning Engineer. He plays a key role in our data team, ensuring timely updates and delivery of new AI models.

Mathilde le Marec is a customer success manager at Wiremind. She graduated from Sciences Po Lille and worked for three years in the pricing field at Air France-KLM Cargo in France and Colombia.

Mathilde started working with Wiremind in October 2019 as a product expert. Since then, she has been actively contributing to product improvements and monitoring implementation projects for clients such as SNCF and BlaBlaCar. Mathilde provides relentless customer support and assistance to keep our top-tier customers satisfied with our products.

Aby, office & happiness manager at Wiremind, strives to foster a healthy and innovative work environment. Her daily objective is to ensure employee well-being. With 7+ years of experience as an administrative manager, Aby enjoys surrounding herself with people and transmitting her energy. She finds her job to be versatile, dynamic, and rewarding. She strives to create a positive and engaging work experience for all employees.

Hugo is the product manager for EVENTORI at Wiremind. He began his career as an IT project manager in the sports industry but was driven by a desire to create something innovative and exciting. In late 2021, Hugo joined Wiremind, seeing it as a tremendous opportunity to combine his passion for sports with the ability to collaborate with a talented development team.

He takes pride in the progress achieved so far, with the ongoing objective of establishing EVENTORI as the industry's leading ticketing and revenue management platform. Hugo looks forward to continuously pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and delivering innovative solutions for Wiremind's clients.

Khaoula is a software engineer at Wiremind and a graduate of Mines Paris Tech. She is a valuable member of the dedicated cargo vertical, actively developing the CARGOSTACK product suite.

Khaoula joined Wiremind in 2021 as a software engineering intern. Following this, she started working full-time as a software engineer. With a keen interest in technology, machine learning, and logistics integration, Khaoula is focused on improving the technical aspects of the product to enhance the user experience. She is excited to contribute to innovation and progress in the air cargo industry.

Alexandre is a software engineer on the CAYZN team at Wiremind. His journey with Wiremind began as a software engineer intern, following which he started working full-time as a Software Engineer in 2023.

Despite having a background in marketing, Alexandre's interest in new technologies and software development led him to pursue a career transition. He was motivated to switch from marketing to software engineering because he was interested in automating tasks to optimize efficiency, allowing more time for impactful work. His curiosity and passion for finding innovative ways to automate processes pushed him to learn how to code.

Prior to working with Wiremind, he further developed his technical skills, which were a great addition to his current role.

Colin is the CEO and co-founder of Wiremind. He established the company in 2014 with his colleague Charles. With prior experience in the transportation industry, particularly in Pricing & Revenue Management departments, Colin brings valuable expertise to his role.

As CEO, he leads Wiremind's overall strategy and vision, ensuring alignment with the company's goals. Colin remains closely involved in the product development cycles, emphasizing the importance of delivering high-quality solutions to meet customer needs.

Colin identifies four factors that set Wiremind apart in the market: deep industry expertise and effective communication, a product culture that values design and usability, technological advancement across software, data, & AI, and the commitment to delivering fast and reliable results.


Wiremind is a B2B SaaS company that specializes in providing advanced inventory, distribution, and optimization solutions for the transportation, air freight, and event industries. Wiremind leverages design, UX, software, and machine learning to solve complex technical problems without compromising the user experience of our interfaces.

Our solutions are used by industry leaders to handle vast amounts of data, ensuring business value and an exceptional user experience. We’ve applied our expertise to a diverse range of projects, from forecasting passenger demand in the transport sector to managing air cargo capacity or optimizing ticket sales for football clubs. Our clients include airlines, freight forwarders, railways, and sports clubs, spanning both France and abroad.

What they are looking for

Wiremind is looking for individuals who want to work in a tech-focused environment and are passionate about developing applications that provide concrete solutions.

If you are eager to take on responsibilities, progress quickly, and see tangible results of your efforts in a fast-growing company, jump on the bandwagon!

Good to know

Wiremind is an established, technology-oriented company that values talented individuals who are curious about building and developing advanced solutions. Whether you are seeking a career transition or a career upgrade, Wiremind supports its employees in achieving their professional goals.

We prioritize recruiting individuals who are not only skilled and knowledgeable but also compassionate, supportive, and enthusiastic.

Together, we strive to create a more fulfilling and positive work experience, where ambitious goals can be achieved and exceeded!

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