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React Native Engineer

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Occasional remote
Skills & expertise
Attention to detail
Product development
Positive attitude
Collaboration and teamwork


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The position

Job description

Reporting to the Tech team and working alongside Julien, our Head of Mobile, you will be a React Native engineer working on developing new features for users and improving the overall architecture to support growth and achieve WeWard’s ambitions! 

When you join the team, you’ll be part of an entrepreneurial adventure where every team member has autonomy and makes a significant impact. You’ll be involved in the company’s strategic and technical decisions, and you’ll have a strong and immediate impact on our users: 3M Daily Users  🚶‍♂️📱

Preferred experience

Role Requirements :

  • Expertise in TypeScript and React Native: Strong background and proven experience in developing high-quality applications using TypeScript and React Native.

  • Knowledge of iOS and Android Platforms: Deep understanding of platform-specific nuances and best practices for iOS and Android.

  • Attention to Detail: Focus on fine details is crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability of our app.

  • Passion for Product Development: Seeking a creative thinker eager to contribute significantly to the evolution of our product.

  • Team Collaboration: Strong collaborative skills are essential, as the role involves working closely with a diverse and talented team.

Bonus :

  • Experience with Animation Libraries: Proficiency in using animation libraries such as react-native-reanimated or equivalent, to enhance user interface and experience.

  • Proficiency in Mobile E2E Testing: Experience with end-to-end testing software to ensure the reliability and quality of the application.

Depending on your affinities, you could work on the back end, using Python.

In addition to this purely technical aspect, we also expect you to be able to challenge the infrastructure by proposing relevant improvements or new features. And that you’re able to interact with different types of contacts (backend, devops, product, design, marketing…) 🤝

Our expectations

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Thanks to your experience of at least 4 years, you know how to support your team so that everyone can flourish in their core business by developing their skills and enabling the best collaboration.
📊 You enjoy dealing with priorities, and thanks to your rigor and remarkable organization, you succeed!
💡 You like to combine improvement and agility by coming up with new ideas! The spirit of WeWard has always been based on the test & learn approach, so we trust you to experiment with new things (about ten production launches per week)!
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You have a special attraction for the start-up world and is looking for a real impact in the adventure you’ll be joining.
🌱 You want to join a player in the health and wellness sector.
🌍 We are now present in Spain, Italy, USA, Germany, UK… and you’d like to work in an international environment.

Our commitments:

SUCCESS March with a team where ambition and passion aren’t just words, they’re our core.

TRUST We entrust you with the freedom to chart your own course, confident in your capacity to deliver outstanding results in your unique style.

EXPLORE Evolve in a culture that’s always on the lookout, embracing new ideas and horizons.

PROGRESS Face challenges head-on, learn, pivot, and grow – we advance together.

SMILE Be part of a life buzzing with positivity and a dash of humor.

Recruitment process

The first step is a phone call with Marion, our Talent Acquisition Manager, who will be with you throughout your career with us. Together you’ll talk about your expectations and experiences, and she’ll introduce you to WeWard. 

Next, you’ll have a video chat with Julien, our Mobile lead, who will explain the role in detail.

You’ll then prepare a case study at home, followed by a face-to-face presentation to Julien and other team members! 

We finish with a tour of our offices to introduce you to other members of the team. 

And finally, if all goes well…  Welcome!

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