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Wecasa is the number one home services platform for hairdressing, beauty, massage and home cleaning. It was founded in 2016 by five web-enthusiastic co-founders, all anxious to make your life easier.

Wecasa's mission is to facilitate and embellish your everyday life. Need a break? They make wellbeing simple! Today, their network includes more than 70 employees and 3,000 professional partners dedicated to pampering thousands of customers everywhere in France. With a satisfaction rating above 95%, Wecasa holds the keys to become the reference in home services!

What they are looking for

The company is in search of new talents to keep writing its story. To join the team, you have to be passionate about your field and aim for excellence. Team spirit is essential as everyone has a role to play at Wecasa. They are looking for people who are autonomous, proactive, humble, with strong skills and a little grain of madness that makes them unique.

Good to know

  • No need to be an expert in nail polish to join the team, but you need to know how to appreciate a good massage. Don’t worry, it’s quick to learn! Having orange as your favorite color is a big plus.
  • You can choose to work remotely (1 to 4 days per week), no obligation. We believe it's a great way to both work efficiently and maintain a work-life balance. Looking at you young parents ;)
  • If you’re a foodie, Wecasa is the place to be! Lunch break is sacred here (we’re French after all)

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