Waeg, an IBM Company

Waeg, an IBM Company

Change Management, IT / Digital, SaaS / Cloud Services

Brussels, Lyon, Paris


Waeg, an IBM Company is Salesforce's first Platinum Partner in Europe. An expert in strategy, multi-cloud delivery, and managed services, Waeg serves on the B2B Technical Advisory Board, Pardot Partner Advisory Board, and Industry Advisory Board. Our mission: develop innovative digital transformation projects.

Waeg distinguishes itself from other consulting firms by approaching each project with a 360° approach. All of its clients benefit from end-to-end support, from strategy consulting to solution implementation, thus guaranteeing the success of each project.

What they are looking for

Waeg is the agility and flexibility of a start-up combined with the technological know-how of IBM. Joining the adventure means integrating a dynamic and challenging environment, being part of an international team made up of experts and also working on exciting projects.

There is a well-known saying in the surfing world: "home is where the waves are". For us, it's not just about the waves we ride. It's also about the people we surf with, how our passion and dedication translate, our incredible resilience that influences our growth and learning, and our forward-looking attitude that shapes our shared journey.

We dedicate ourselves to each project by working together to achieve our common goals. We apprehend everything we do like a surfer detects and takes the perfect wave. We believe that to choose the right wave, it is important to be patient and to study all the elements well in order to find the perfect synergy. For us, the perfect wave is the biggest one possible, one that offers endless views and possibilities and whose impact is unprecedented.

Good to know

Joining Waeg means having a chance to boost your career in a thousand ways. Each Waeger benefits from 12 days per year specially dedicated to the training of his choice, in order to strengthen his technical skills or his soft skills.

Being a Waeger also means being part of a team of experts, who help each other to progress together and move in the same direction. We attach great importance to the professional development of our Waegers and our internal mentoring program is proof of this. We believe that every Waeger has incredible potential and skills, which they can pass on to evolve other Waegers.

Waeg has full confidence in its employees and believes that it is up to them how and where they want to work. This is why Waegers can work entirely remotely or from one of its 8 offices in Europe.

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