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Waalaxy is a young start-up based in Montpellier.

Since the launch of their first product "ProspectIn" in September 2019, they have evolved significantly and are now focusing on their flagship product Waalaxy - ProspectIn version 2.0.

This product revolves around automating the sending of messages via LinkedIn and email and offers a host of other features.

The scalability of this model allows them to be very ambitious. This means that they can generate enormous value, with a small, efficient team. Without having to work day and night. Based on Pareto's law, where 20% of actions produce 80% of results.

This virtuous model allows them to create a work environment where employees have all the tools at their disposal to excel, where the environment is conducive to efficiency and happiness. Where they feel like they are part of a real family.

Their core values are: Caring, honesty, freedom, responsibility, fun and authenticity

What they are looking for

They are looking for particularly ambitious and efficient people. People who are not afraid of responsibility and who want to be part of a startup adventure.

Versatility and adaptability are major assets: their range of missions is wide and evolves rapidly.

They do not attach importance to academic criteria. A large part of the team is self-taught. The most important thing here is to learn quickly.

Good to know

They work in an open-plan space, with a pleasant layout and a friendly atmosphere. They try to include everyone in a close-knit team. This is why they regularly organize afterwork events (afterwork snack and drink sessions, barbecues, board games, video games, sporting activities, etc.).

The office is equipped with free parking. They have an indoor sports facility to prepare your "summer body".

Any skills involving Nerf shooting, Tetris and Mario Kart on Switch or downing beers could tip the scales in your favor. But beware, performing too well in the bench press is not recommended, so as not to shatter the ego of the marketing team.

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