Full-Stack Software Engineer


Full-Stack Software Engineer

The company



  • Mobile Apps, Mobility, Automotive
  • From 50 to 250 employees

The job

Full-Stack Software Engineer

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Who are they?

Since 2016, Virtuo is your car, but in your pocket (not parked on city streets). From Paris to many other European capitals, we’re bringing all the freedom of driving without the burdens of owning a car for you, our cities & the planet. Our vision is a future with no personal cars.

Key Facts

📲 +2,500,000 downloads │ 👤 +150,000 users │ 🚙 +5,000 cars │ 💪 +180 Virtuosos

💰 Fundraising in 2021: €110M

🏆 Rewards: Best apps on the app store 2016&18, BPI France, and 2021 FrenchTech Top 120.

📍 We are in France, the U.K, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal.

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Job description

The opportunity

Virtuo’s functional landscape is huge: customer Apps and Websites (content, reservation, account management), B2B portal, back-office (fleet, expert, and user management), or even integration with partners like Kayak and CityMapper.
This is why the Tech team is organized around three main tribes: “Customer”, “Sales” and “Efficiency”, themselves split into squads. These are autonomous cross-functional teams aiming at delivering the best experience to our users who can be either B2C, B2B, or Experts.

🎯 Your missions:

  • As a Fullstack Software engineer, you will:
  • Work closely with product managers to set the direction and goals
  • Ensure compliance with internal standards and practices
  • Present the progress and goals
  • Contribute to the technical roadmap through architecture meetings, design documents

⚡What’s cool about this job:

  • You are going to work on a complex product with a team of experts that is always ready to help out
  • The team is passionate about technique and organizes every 15 days open sessions on technical trends, and improvement subjects…
  • Team spirit: everyone is super energetic, wants to share or help when needed
  • You will join a team of 30 experienced developers with the lower turnover rate in the company

Preferred experience

🌟 You are the ideal candidate if:

4+ years of general Information Technology experience
Openness to giving and receiving feedback on a real-time basis

You master :

  • Node.js / MongoDB ecosystem.
  • Typescript
  • Tests (unit and integration)
  • Micro-service environment

Rigorous and serious about code quality
An experience in a startup ecosystem with agile methodology
Good communicant in English and French

Recruitment process

🔍 Recruitment process:

  1. Interview with our Head of Engineering
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Culture fit interview with people team

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