The team is organised around different activities:

  • R&D, made up of the IoT Devices and Cloud Services teams
  • Sales, Communication, and Product Management
  • Operations and Project Management
  • Finance and Human Resources

Employee breakdown

  • Finance and Human Resources


  • Sales, Communication, and Product


  • Operations and Project Management


  • R&D Management


Sales, communication, and product management team

The Sales, Communication, and Product Management team aims to design the most relevant offer possible and to create awareness and growth for Velco and its solutions.

  • The Communication team is a key element for Velco to take part in the development of the soft mobility sector, demonstrating the value created by its solutions and positioning the company on the market
  • The Key Account Managers, specialised in client types (fleet managers and e-bike brands) and in regions, create relationships with mobility players to create long-term partnerships
  • Working closely with the R&D, the product management team is responsible for the Velco's strategic vision, offering and implementation.

Operations and project management

Working with different partners to produce the hardware, Velco designs its own IoT products and software.

  • The Operations team execute and deliver these products for Velco’s clients: industrial production of the IoT and integration in the vehicles, software deployment, maintenance and customer service; while honouring quality, cost, and timing commitments.
  • Project Managers are engineers who adapt Velco’s products to clients’ needs by working hand in hand with their teams. They deliver organisation and tools, allowing clients to receive and use Velco’s solutions.

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