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About Upflow

Why Upflow? đź’ˇ

Getting paid for B2B SMEs remains a significant challenge. Too many companies worldwide still suffer from payment delays from Customers, or worse, go bankrupt because of that. This is becoming a wider issue in the current COVID environment.

At Upflow, we're building a simple, user-friendly SaaS platform allowing businesses to regain control over their finances, with rich analytics, systematic cash collection workflows, and modern payment methods.

Long term, Upflow will revolutionize how B2B businesses transact with one another, we're just getting started.

Key investors and BA back Upflow (YCombinator, eFounders). We started in Europe; we're now expanding in the US. If you want to join a fast-growing company, join our team!

  • Employees

    From 50 to 250 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    Software, FinTech / InsurTech, SaaS / Cloud Services

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