After having managed a research laboratory and the development of formal verification, Fabrice, along with 2 colleagues he had met 10 years earlier founded TrustInSoft to bring the technology to industrial sectors.

Mahaut is an EMEA Sales Manager at TrustInSoft. She joined in 2017 to develop the marketing activity at TrustInSoft and to contribute to sales development in Europe.

Fabien, Software Engineer, joined TrustInSoft in 2015. In particular, he is the liaison between clients and developers, helping to coordinate evolutions of the technology to better serve the clients’ needs.
His greatest strength is remaining unconvinced by his colleagues on the game Go…well anyway, until the next recruitment maybe…

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TrustInSoft is a French software publisher, based in Paris and San Francisco, that provides tools to developers for formal verification of C and C++ source code. TrustInSoft is the only software analysis solutions publisher that allows its clients to obtain mathematical guarantees on the security and reliability of their code, without needing to modify the development process.

What they are looking for

TrustInSoft likes working with bilingual profiles (English mandatory + French bonus) that are also curious and passionate.

The company is looking for dynamic profiles who can drive proposals and who seek to revolutionize the world of software development.

C and C++ developers who keep ISO norms on their bedside table, OCaml geeks who want to integrate one of the biggest development projects in this language, formal methods enthusiasts or simply dedicated workers and those who like working in groups are the perfect candidates to join the TrustInSoft adventure.

Good to know

Joining the TrustInSoft adventure also means working and evolving in an international context (and in socks). But also:

  • Dedicated and passionate colleagues
  • A cool (and orange) office space where good humor and team spirit drive an enriching daily life
  • Gaming sessions
  • Go, Chess, Mahjong
  • Running/sports with colleagues
  • Weekly fruit basket
  • Friday night happy hours

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