Js_of_OCaml engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris
  • Master's Degree

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    The job

    Js_of_OCaml engineer

    • Permanent contract 
    • Paris
    • Master's Degree

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    TrustInSoft est un éditeur de logiciel français, installé à Paris et San Francisco, qui crée et met à disposition des outils de vérification formelle de code source C et C++. TrustInSoft est le seul éditeur de solutions d’analyse de logiciel qui permet à ses clients d’avoir des garanties mathématiques sur la sécurité et la fiabilité du code, sans devoir modifier le processus de développement.

    Job description

    TrustInSoft is looking for an engineer that can participate in the design and implementation of the UI and UX of its innovative C and C++ formal verification products.
    The perfect candidate is able to understand the core features of the highly technical products developed by TrustInSoft and to understand how customers and users deploy and use it. Based on this understanding, the candidate will specify and implement fixes, improvements and new features of the on-premises and SaaS UIs using a combination of Js_of_ocaml, CSS and HTML for the front-end as well as OCaml for the backend.

    The candidate must be willing to integrate a team of highly demanding engineers and be focused on delivering at the pace of a dynamic startup.

    Preferred experience

    The candidate shall have a strong enthousiam, knowledge and experience in

    • Development using Js_of_ocaml
    • HTML and CSS modern features
    • UI and UX design
    • Working within highly demanding teams focused on delivering the best product

    The following competencies will make the candidate shine among the others:

    • Development of large applications in OCaml
    • Web application testing techniques
    • C/C++ semantics
    • Engineering of C/C++ development
    • Jira and Gitlab usage
    • SaaS product developement

    Meet the team

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