Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

  • 7, Boulevard Bourdon, Paris, 75004
  • Permanent contract 
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    Hybrid remote
    Education: Master's Degree
    Experience: > 3 years

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    Who are they?

    TheraPanacea est une start-up dans le domaine des technologies médicales qui exploite l‘intelligence artificielle, l’imagerie médicale et les mathématiques avancées pour révolutionner la prise en charge du cancer.

    Créée en 2017, TheraPanacea a reçu plusieurs prix nationaux et internationaux récompensant l’innovation et l’excellence scientifique de ses produits et projets dont le prix européen de la Recherche (European Research Council grant) en 2016 et en 2018 le 1er Prix du Paris Région AI Challenge.

    Ses bureaux sont situés au cœur de Paris (RER B Port- Royal) et vous rejoindrez une équipe passionnée, dynamique et internationale (10 nationalités différentes).

    Job description

    TheraPanacea, an award-winning medical technology company created in 2017, is reinventing healthcare through harnessing AI to develop cutting-edge software to optimize diagnostics, prognostics and therapies for cancer and other complex diseases.
    We offer pioneering holistic approaches for cancer research and treatment based on a multi-scale integration of medicine, information theory, data curation and computational medicine.
    At TheraPanacea we are devoted to unlock the unlimited power of AI-based software to drive innovation in healthcare. Endowed with an excellent IP portfolio, our vision is to exploit state-of-the-art research technology to accelerate health care’s transition towards predictive, evidence-driven, adaptive treatment planning and delivery.
    Our mission is to improve patient’s quality of life by enabling health care providers to design smarter treatment plans, work more effectively, and reduce toxic side effects. To bring these much needed advancements faster to the patient, we count on a multitude of collaborations with leading cancer centers and industrial partners all around the world.
    For more information about the company please visit

    You will be part of the Machine Learning team mainly working on the following topics :

    • Imaging Biomarker discovery / companion algorithms for patient stratification / treatment response prognosis (oncology/neurology/immunotherapy)
    • Automatic segmentation (lesions, orgnas at risk) / linear and deformation registration on multi modality images (CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, etc)
    • Automatic image completion/super resolution/translation (lesion free image synthesis, high resolution image generation from low singal to noise ration & inter multi-modality image synthesis (e.g. CT generation from MR imaging)
    • Knowledge-based / deep dose prediction constrained / radiotherapy planning.

    Your responsibilities would be the following :

    • Research & Development of machine learning methods (including deep learning) on the above mentioned topics
    • Research & Development of efficient high performance computing solutions exploiting various programming languages (python, C++,) with emphasis on graphics processing units (GPUs)
    • Supervision of research and development engineers and research interns on various topics
    • Contribution to code review, certification processes, quality & insurance policies, workflow, products specifications & support
    • Research paper review, Conference Participation, Research presentations, Scientific articles and patents publication

    Preferred experience

    • MSc/Meng (Bac +5) or PhD (Bac +8) in computer science, applied mathematics or related field
    • A PhD and/or at least 2 years experience in a similar field is highly appreciated
    • Good programming and problem solving skills (python, c++)
    • Excellent knowledge of machine leanring deep learning. An application of these techniques in a medical context would be appreciated
    • Hands on experience with at least one of the following machine learning frameworks : scikit-learn, pytorch, tensorflow, mxnet
    • English (International team)

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