The Innovation Loop

The Innovation Loop

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Software


Organization and methodologies

Our work is organised in product sprints. We use the SCRUM Agile methodology:

  • Backlog => Sprint planning => Development
  • Testing => Demo => Sprint Review => Retrospective.

The teams in a sprint are multi-disciplinary and are facilitated by a scrum master.

On a day-to-day basis, we take part in the daily meeting, and then monthly we have more global points on the company, marketing, products, etc.

Of course, we follow the methodologies that work, but we make them our own and specify them to our activities. In fact, for us, the most important thing about methodology is adapting it to our teams and our needs. So, as we go along, we change little things to get the one that suits us best!

Recruitment process

HR qualification with a person from our company's human resources department: we make sure from the start that we understand the person's professional project so that it is in line with the company's Mission and Values. There's no point in going any further if you don't love innovation and tech and if you don't love the idea of helping innovators really change the world! Technical qualification with an operational member of the team: this is where the hard work begins .... depending on the position to be filled, the manager in charge ensures the candidate's technical skills ... it's also an opportunity to discuss the challenges of the position (team, organisation, methodologies, tools, training, personal development, career development, etc.). ..... Don't worry, this is a real moment of exchange in a spirit of goodwill and respect to get to know each other better!

CODIR qualification: at this stage, it's almost done .... you meet one or more members of the Management Committee to present the company's vision and strategy. This is also the time to share about the position and the position in the company and to make sure of mutual expectations and commitments. In a word, do we "want" to work together? We are human beings, and it is quite normal to ask ourselves this question before spending the next few years working side by side for several hours a day...

And finally, our commitment: whether the answer is negative or positive, we take the time for a personal debriefing. It's a question of respect for the candidates. And it is the least we can do for those with whom we have shared these moments of exchange.

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