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TIL is structured around 4 main areas:

  • Marketing, which ensures that our offer is perfectly aligned with the needs and uses of our customers,
  • Innovation, which ensures that our software provides real added value in terms of operations and performance,
  • IT and AI, which develop the technological blocks and the digital environment conducive to the integration of solutions,
  • And UX/UI, which ensures that our customers get the best possible user experience.

Individually, each team strives for operational excellence in the service of the product. Collectively, our strength is enhanced tenfold by our mission and the combination of our skills that create unique and differentiating value for our client

Employee breakdown

  • Marketing / Business dev


  • AI


  • Innovation


  • UX/UI


  • Dev


Design team

The Innovation Loop places the user at the heart of its concerns. The Design team brings simplicity of use to digital products and services with very strong functional dimensions.

We intervene from the conception of the product to its implementation: user research, prototype & user tests, audit and ergonomic recommendations, creation of a design system and user knowledge repository,... Finally, we facilitate the interface between the various product stakeholders through creative workshops and design sprints. By monitoring user expectations, we enable informed decision-making throughout the production process.

Innovation team

The Innovation team brings unique business expertise through the rich and diverse backgrounds of its members to develop disruptive tools for innovation players. In short, we innovate in a radical way to boost disruptive innovation!

To do this, we design and deconstruct, like Lego bricks, thought patterns, usage paths, methods and useful and effective tools to help design high added value solutions for innovators.

We support and collaborate with other TIL teams in the design and improvement of our products, from design to implementation, and lead the exploration of disruptive concepts to anticipate trends and uses.

Monkey first! We always start with the hardest things to crack the problems and develop radically innovative solutions!

Damien Périssé, Innovation strategy director

Tech team

The Innovation Loop's technical team is composed of two divisions: an "Artificial Intelligence" division and a "Software Development" division.

Our mission is to translate our clients' needs into rich, well thought-out functionalities while offering them solutions they would never have imagined! We don't "piss" code: the IT and AI teams are closely associated with the "Innovation" and "UX/UI" teams to design the most innovative solutions.

Helping, accompanying, surprising... We look for the best solutions to provide while guaranteeing security and a great experience.

We also develop our own R&D activities. Our goal? To be at the top of the state of the art in our field and always simplify the life of our users!

A team of Geeks who love going above and beyond to help innovators really change the world.

Vincent, CTO

Data Team

The Data team is at the heart of the company's strategy. Its role is to leverage raw data to improve and create artificial intelligence services integrated into The Innovation Loop's offerings. These will enable innovators to develop their innovation projects and to find suitable partners and funding.

To do this, we work in particular with the help of automatic language processing, machine learning, deep learning, semantic embeddings and graph algorithms.... We are also developing our own R&D .... on subjects well beyond the state of the art..... but shhh..... we cannot reveal all our secrets ....

Our Marketplace team

The team in charge of our Marketplace aims to optimally connect the supply and demand of innovation in Europe.

It provides a space and highly innovative features for creators of innovation projects to meet, exchange and build their project with the support of contributors (universities, industrialists, consultants, financiers, etc.) necessary at each stage of the innovation cycle from the lab to the market.

From the analysis of its relevance to its financing, the project benefits from :

  • the collective intelligence of the stakeholders
  • the expertise of intelligent functionalities (based on AI and big data)
  • a catalogue of adapted services and products