The Innovation Loop

The Innovation Loop

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Software



The Innovation Loop's mission is to support innovators and their investors in truly changing the world by removing the barriers that stand in their way one by one! To do this, we developed a digital platform that aims to BOOST the tech and business content of their innovation projects in using an heavy dose of data and AI. The Innovation Loop works with all actors of the ecosystem (e.g. start-ups, large groups, universities) on disruptive innovation projects.

The Innovation Loop it is:

  • 25 employees in 2022 (40 in 2023)
  • 200,000 projects referenced on the platform
  • 33,000 users of the platform

What they are looking for

The Invention Loop uses digital technology in general, and artificial intelligence in particular, to boost humans' potential for innovation.

And, because what happens on the inside is visible on the outside, The Innovation Loop places a high value on the women and men that make up its team in order for them to thrive.

Are you passionate by innovation and technology? Do you enjoy being challenged? Are you curious and independent?  Do you want to offer purpose to your career so that we can all grow in a caring and peaceful manner together? Then join us...

Good to know

The Innovation Loop is also about:

  • Being part of projects through our digital platform that make sense and create an impact on tomorrow's world (e.g. new therapies, renewable energies, space technologies, quantum computer)
  • Benefiting of many opportunities to experiment and learn
  • Being free to organise your working life form where you want. Our team is spread between Lille (headquarters), Brussels, Nantes, Seville... the choice is yours a tailor-made onboarding that will allow you to meet the whole team and to be well surrounded from the moment you arrive! a very dynamic training policy to enable you to progress

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